The ussr Targets Western-Supplied Tank Depot In Kiev In Uncommon Cruise Missile Attack

Putin said Sunday that the new inclusion of Western long-range missile systems in Ukraine’s defenses would lead Moscow to hit “objects that we have not yet struck. “

At a moment the Kremlin is warning it could focus on cities in the West, expanding the particular war outside of Ukraine, when US-supplied missiles attack Russian territory, the Ukrainian funds of Kiev was  pounded by rockets for the first time within a month  on Sunday.

A Russian military statement said it experienced targeted an arms depot housing foreign-supplied weapons having a volley of five missiles. On the same day, President Vladimir Putin  vowed to   “ strike harder” if Washington transfers long-range missiles to the Ukrainian government.   “ We will strike at those targets which we have not really yet been hitting, ”   he said in a state TV interview.

According to Fox News, “ Footage shows  several large explosions in Kyiv , but it is unclear what was hit. The Russian Defense Ministry released a statement Weekend morning claiming the hit had hit a former car-repair facility being  utilized to house T-72 tanks along with other armored vehicles supplied by Ukrainian allies , NEXTA documented. ”

The largest development following White Home approval of $700 mil more in military help for Ukraine has been the announced transfer of Flexibility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS). It’s expected that working out for Ukrainian personnel to operate these types of longer range missile techniques will take at least three weeks.

The Biden administration said that while longer range rockets have been authorized, the types of systems getting transferred are still not of range to strike in to Russian territory, which the Kremlin earlier called a “ rational” decision.

This prompted a weekend statement from Putin  as follows :

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Weekend that the new inclusion of Western long-range missile techniques in Ukraine’s defenses would lead Moscow to hit  “ objects that individuals haven’t yet struck. ”

The rare assault on Kiev appears to be a note and warning against providing more, or especially longer range systems. Russia continues to be stepping up its attacks on alleged weapons transfers, which includes against Ukraine’s rail infrastructure, in the past weeks.

The  AP writes   Sunday that “ Russian forces  pounded railway facilities and other facilities early Sunday in Kyiv, which had previously seen weeks of eerie relaxed . ” And further: “ Ukraine’s nuclear plant owner, Energoatom, said one cruise missile buzzed the Pivdennoukrainsk nuclear plant, about three hundred and fifty kilometers (220 miles) to the south, on its way to the capital — citing the dangers of such a near miss. ”

Putin further charged in comments to   Rossiya-1 TV   channel on Sunday which the West is  wanting to prolong the conflict   with its ramped upward arms supplies:   “ In my view, all this hassle over additional deliveries of armaments generally pursues the sole objective of stretching out there the armed conflict so long as possible, ” he stated. He suggested further that new rocket systems pertaining to Kiev are due to significant  Ukrainian losses :

“ What we hear nowadays and what we understand,   these are rockets that fly to a distance associated with 45-70 km depending on the rocket type . The same holds true about Grad, Uragan and Smerch rocket systems that I spoke about. They also have the product range of 40-70 km and there is nothing new about that, ” the head of state explained.

“ This is why, these deliveries by the United States and some some other countries can only be related to the intention  to assist Kiev make up for the losses of its combat hardware , ” Putin said.

When it comes to latest strikes on Kiev, Ukraine’s government has however to comment on whether or not reservoirs were destroyed in the assault, as is being purported simply by Moscow. But based on Putin’s words, it’s likely there will be more such attacks in the future.

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