Along with Biden’s Approval Rating Striking Record Low, GOP Functions Hand Dems a Win On Gun Control

Joe Biden’ s approval rating is lower than “ every president of the modern era at this time of their term” but Republican senators are working to hand your pet a big win and sell out there their base by teaming up with Democrats to pass weapon control legislation.   “ President Joe Biden lastly did it. The lackluster leader’ s approval rating […]#@@#@!!

Joe Biden’s approval ranking is lower than “ every single president of the modern period at this stage of their term” yet Republican senators are working to hand him a big win promote out their base simply by teaming up with Democrats to gun control legislation.  

“ President Joe Biden finally did it. The lackluster leader’s approval rating has dropped below every president of the modern era at this stage of the term, ” the Washington Examiner reported late last month. “ Citing approval polling dating back to Harry S. Truman in 1945, FiveThirtyEight said that no president has been below, or even corresponding to, Biden’s average of 40. 9% on Day 490 of their presidency. ”

Leader Trump was completely stonewalled by Democrats throughout his entire presidency but the GOP is regularly looking to function across the aisle to boost Biden’s failing presidency.  

Upon Sunday, Pennsylvania Senator Dab Toomey (R) went on CBS’s “ Face the Nation” to shill for gun control and said your dog is hopeful that “ at least half” of GOP senators will support new restrictions.  

Toomey said Biden’s extreme weapon control proposals “ have no chance of passing the Senate” and “ the chief executive is not being very helpful” but the GOP will step up to the plate and push through their own gun manage measures for him.

“ The problem is I believe the President might have been the president who would reach across the aisle try to bring individuals together but he’s selected not to take that approach since day one, ” Toomey said. “ He has sided with the far left of his party and really not really reached out to Republicans. He gave a speech with this topic where he advocated policies that he knows for sure do not have chance of passing the United states senate probably couldn’t even get 50 votes, and contain the Democrats much less get the sixty we would need. So once again, the President is not getting very helpful. I think at the end of the day, this is going to come down to regardless of whether we can reach a consensus in the United States Senate. There are extensive discussions underway. It includes those who have not been engaged on this issue in the past. I can’t definitely can’t guarantee any outcome but it feels to me like we are closer than we’ve been since I’ve been in the Senate. ”

“ So you can get four other Republicans to stand with you, the particular six who are negotiating? ” CBS’s Margaret Brennan questioned.

“ Our hope is we’ll obtain a lot more than that, ” Toomey responded. “ Our hope is we’ll reach least half the Conservative conference. ”

“ Is there a danger that the Republican Party becomes associated with gun violence, if you can’t get those votes? ” Brennan said.

“ You know, look, I believe the Republicans have been really consistently supporters of Second Amendment rights, ” Toomey responded. “ Republican voters anticipate Republicans to defend the Second Variation. I think there is a place to property that’s consistent with the Second Amendment, as I’ve been advocating regarding expanding background checks, by the way, I think encouraging states to have some sort of red flag laws could make feeling as long as there’s adequate because of process. I think there are college safety provisions, there are psychological health issues that we could tackle. So there are things we’re able to do that would be constructive, that are consistent with Republican values, plus I’m hoping we’ll get there. ”

Red light laws are “ Conservative values. ” Same goes for “ expanded background checks” and  “ felony justice reform. ”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) furthermore voiced his support intended for gun control on Thurs after Biden gave the radical speech essentially calling for New York’s anti-gun laws to go nationwide.  

“ I stand ready to vote on ALL the proposals talked about by President Biden this evening and encourage the Democratic Leader to bring them forwards for votes, ” Graham said. “ I also remain ready to work across the church aisle to find common ground – something that was absent from President Biden’s address towards the nation. ”

Biden’s gun control proposals are usually destined to fail so the GOP is stepping in to do his job for your pet. This is our “ resistance party. ”  

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