Backfire: Gun Shops in Europe Sell Out Of Pistols Right after Trudeau Threatens to Freeze Sales

“Sales have been brisk, ” says gun store owner.

Gun stores in Canada sold out associated with handguns after Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Justin Trudeau last week proposed freezing pistol sales as part of new gun control legislation.

Positive gun buyers interviewed by Agence-France Presse said the possibility of a pistol sale ban prompted them to seek the forbidden weapons for fear they could lose out if they don’t take action.

“ Now i am concerned that if I may buy one now, I may not have the choice again, ” a single prospective gun buyer plus sportsman club member, Aman Sandhu, said.

According to AFP , gun enthusiasts possess flocked to stores after Trudeau’s office last Monday said it could prohibit product sales, purchases and transfers of recent handguns in Canada.

“ Several gun stores in British Columbia province saw lines out there the door within hours from the liberal leader’s declaration upon Monday. Other shops across Canada said they sold out within days, ” AFP reports.

Gun store owners speaking to AFP also described selling from handguns, which require a restricted firearms license in order to purchase.

A gun store owner in Toronto credited Trudeau for sparking the gun-buy frenzy.

He “ created a stress, and people are now rushing to be able to buy handguns, ” said DoubleTap Sports’ Josko Kovic.

“ Just about all stores are sold out, including me, ” Kovic added.

“ Product sales have been brisk, ” accepted Ottawa-based That Hunting Shop co-owner Jen Lavigne.

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“ We sold a hundred handguns, or almost the entire stock, in the last 3 days, since the prime minister announced the freeze, ” she said.

The gun store proprietor told AFP the new restrictions on firearms would likely bum to combat the proposed rise in gun crime, since criminals don’t follow laws, and would only harm law-abiding gun owners.

“ This measure is only going to hurt legal weapon owners, ” Lavigne said, adding: “ It’s not going to reduce any of the crime because the criminals don’t follow the rules. ”

Another weapon store owner worried the new gun laws could break the gun industry more down the road.

“ This handgun measure will probably take away livelihoods and break up communities, ” said Candian Gun Guys owner Darryl Tomlinson.

“ It’s a Catch-22. We’re occupied now, but I panic we’re going to be put out of company in the fall. ”

Trudeau’s gun control proposals come as ALL OF US legislators are also eager to move similar policies following a spate of mass shootings final month, with Democrats such as Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn. ) telling CNN’s Condition of the Union Sunday your dog is “ more confident than ever” Republicans will come to the table to negotiate this time around.

Trudeau’s newfound accept of gun control is really a radical departure from his previous stance merely twelve years ago, when he supported Canadian’s gun rights saying the country had “ a culture that has grown up with guns. ”

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