MSNBC: Conservatives Dominating NYT & CNN On Facebook ‘A Problem For Democracy’

‘It dwarfs popular media content, ‘ previous Obama advisor admits

A Monday segment on MSNBC highlighted the left’s fear of allowing free conversation online as a guest claimed conservative commentators receiving a lot more engagement on Facebook compared to mainstream outlets is “ a problem for democracy. ”

Podcast host and former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer joined the “ Morning Joe” program to tell viewers the right-wing’s “ disinformation propaganda operation” is growing stronger daily.

Continuing, Pfeiffer said social media companies can’t be relied on to censor even more than they already have, asking Congress to step in plus regulate the algorithms from the platforms.

The former Obama consultant compared social media companies to tobacco companies for “ exploiting loopholes in the legislation to deeply damage The united states. ”

“ If you go to Facebook on a daily basis, the posts with the most wedding are from Ben Shapiro , Dan Bongino , Candace Owens , it is right-wing content material it dwarfs progressive articles, ” Pfeiffer said. “ It dwarfs mainstream media content, which actually should be the part that scares us the most, that Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire has more supporters and engagement, many times more, than the NYT or CNN. That is a problem for democracy. ”

This admission exposes the reality behind the massive censorship strategies waged against outlets like Infowars and others over the past few years.

The institution is fully aware that we would and will dominate them if given a fair chance to debate in an open structure.

The mainstream’s newfound disdain for social networking also comes as Tesla owner Elon Musk is seeking to take over Twitter and market free speech on the system.

Could the media be trying to get ahead of the curve regarding the expansion of free speech online?

It’s also worth noting the calls for Congress to split down on “ disinformation” on-line are aligning with the upcoming midterm elections where polling shows large trouble for Democrats.

The battle to save the First Amendment is becoming more fierce by the day.

Wath the entire clip below:

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