“We Believe in Jesus”: Tampa Bay Players Say No to ‘Pride Night’

Don’t want to encourage the “lifestyle” that contradicts their particular Christian beliefs.

Many Tampa Bay Rays players opted out of displaying support for gay pride simply by refusing to wear Pride Night uniforms, citing their belief in Jesus Christ as the reason.

“ In an effort to make their commitment [to the LGBTQ+ community] more visible, the Sun rays this year decided to follow the lead of the Giants and include rainbow-colored logos to their Satisfaction Night uniforms, to the “ TB” on their caps and a sunburst on their right jersey sleeves, ” reports the Tampa Bay Times .

However , numerous players made a decision to peel off the pride logo design and wear their regular hats, including Jason Adam, Jalen Beeks, Brooks Raley, Jeffrey Springs and Ryan Thompson.

Twitter users predictably asserted the players who chose never to display support for a motion endorsed by every body organ of the establishment were “ homophobic. ”

However , pitcher Jason Adam explained that the reason for the players’ refusal to signal their virtue is that gay pride contradicts Christianity.

“ Lots of it comes down to faith, to like a faith-based decision, ” Adam said.

“ So it’s a hard decision. Because ultimately we all stated what we want is them to know that all are welcome and loved here. But when all of us put it on our bodies, I think lots of guys decided that it’s just a lifestyle that maybe — not that they look down on anybody or think differently — it’s just that maybe all of us don’t want to encourage this if we believe in Jesus, who’s encouraged us to live the lifestyle that would abstain from that behavior, just like (Jesus) encourages me as a heterosexual male to abstain from sex outside of the confines of marriage. Is actually no different. ”

“ Difficult judgmental. It’s not looking straight down. It’s just what we think the lifestyle he’s encouraged all of us to live, for our good, to not withhold. But again, we appreciate these men and women, we care about them, and we want these to feel safe and encouraged here, ” he added.

And so the preceding has been set – if you refuse to display loyalty to 1 of the regime’s primary political front groups (the LGBT lobby), simply because you hold various beliefs, you’re a bigoted homophobe subject to possible cancellation.

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