Ukraine War Frontline Update: Residents Shelled, Ships Stuck & Agriculture Struggles

Find out what life’s similar to wartime Ukraine

American military veteran and independent journalist Patrick Lancaster is usually covering the Ukraine-Russia war from your perspective of the pro-Russian DPR and LPR armies.

On Thursday, Lancaster documented a crash site where a Ukrainian SU-25 aircraft was shot down within the city of Kherson.

In a 2nd report uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, Lancaster provided a behind-the-scenes look into how the average Russian soldier is certainly living during the conflict.

Filming from the Kherson region, the journalist discussed with soldiers at a foundation about the current situation and was shown around the camp by a commanding officer.

Upon Friday, Lancaster rode around in a Ukrainian reconnaissance aquatic armored vehicle captured by Russian and DPR soldiers.

Lancaster reported from the Port of Kherson on Fri where he explained that many boats are prevented from leaving behind Ukraine because of the war.

The crew on the Turkish ship talked with all the independent journalist about what really like being stuck inside a warzone where they’re permitted to leave.

As Lancaster filmed his report, Russian and DPR soldiers showed up to deliver goods towards the crew of the Turkish deliver.

According to the ship’s captain, the Ukrainian government has prevented his crew from leaving the country and there are too many mines in the Port of Kherson traveling through the waters.

A video uploaded Sunday shows Lancaster talking with a family of eight residing in a village being shelled by Ukrainian forces.

One woman told the camera that 3 people recently died in the village after nonstop shelling.

The family patriarch echoed rumors that Ruskies soldiers are shooting down missiles heading towards the small town.

The man pulled the remnants associated with Ukrainian rockets he gathered after they landed nearby, stating, “ These rockets had been collected in the fields simply by children! They can explode! ”

The father described he has eight children and that earlier that day, 2 local families with children of their own were bombed and killed.

Next, the man showed Lancaster holes in the side of his home where shrapnel in the explosions hit.

Asked if life in Kherson would be better when the region joined Russia, the man responded, “ Certainly much better. It won’t be worse compared to it was! ”

The Ukrainian father furthermore explained how citizens are usually turning their anger toward President Volodymyr Zelensky because their world crumbles around them.

Continuing a heartfelt rant, the man ruined Ukraine for failing to guard citizens and talked to the camera without fear of being reprimanded for speaking his truth.

“ I am not afraid to tell you the truth, ” he said.

The mother of the family members cried as she told Lancaster her only wish is for peace to come as well as for her children to grow up in war-free Ukraine.

In the latest report uploaded Mon, Lancaster provided a direct look into the Ukrainian farming market and how the war can be hurting local agriculture.

A man named Oleg who runs a large farm explained that he voted regarding President Zelensky in the last usa president election.

Nevertheless , Oleg soon learned of the neo-nazi Azov battalion and rising gas prices which made him think twice about his support of Zelenksy.

The mainstream media plus Western nations continue to cover up war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military while only focusing on supposed atrocities attributed to Russia.

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