US issues nuclear warning in order to North Korea

A high State Department official stated ‘the entire world’ would certainly react harshly to any nuclear test by Pyongyang

The senior US official offers vowed a  “ forceful response”   should North Korea perform a nuclear test. The response follows Pyongyang’s most recent ballistic missile launch this past weekend, which was matched by a similar show of force from Washington and Seoul.

Speaking to reporters following a meeting with her South Korean counterpart, Deputy US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman  argued   that any nuclear test would violate United Nations Protection Council resolutions and cautioned of a massive international reaction.

“ There would be a swift plus forceful response to such a check, ”   she said, adding  “ The entire world will respond within a strong and clear way. We are prepared. ”

While Sherman did not specify what that retaliation might look like, her comments came just one day time after Pyongyang fired away a barrage of ballistic missiles into the ocean, its eighteenth weapons test up to now in 2022. The shift prompted US and Southern Korean forces to perform their own launch a day afterwards, with Seoul’s military stating the test demonstrated its capability to  “ quickly and accurately”   respond to a North Korean attack.

Japan, also acting jointly with the particular Pentagon, conducted a separate missile test in response, saying it showed off the two allies’  “ rapid response ability. ”

Earlier on Monday, State Department spokesman Ned Price voiced concerns that will North Korea could perform its seventh-ever nuclear explosive device test sometime  “ in the coming days, ”   reiterating previous warnings over a potential demo.

“ It’s a concern we have warned about for some time, I can ensure you that it is a contingency we have planned for, and contains been a concerted topic of discussion with allies and partners, ”   he said.

Pyongyang’s last identified nuclear test was carried out in 2017, ahead of the self-imposed moratorium agreed to throughout the Donald Trump administration. The nation had placed ballistic missile tests on hold as well in a ‘ freeze-for-freeze’ offer which saw a brief stop of US-South Korean army drills, but resumed all of them after the joint exercises began back up.

Newly-elected South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and his US version Joe Biden have decided to increase joint military exercises in a message of deterrence to the North, with Biden offering to send further  “ strategic assets”   to the Korean Peninsula if requested by Seoul, in addition to the 30, 000 or so American soldiers already positioned there.

Whilst Yoon’s predecessor, Moon Jae-in, sought peace with the North and President Trump attemptedto strike a far-reaching handle Pyongyang, neither leader managed to calm the long-smoldering hostilities and relations have efficiently returned to the pre-Trump circumstances.

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