Child Drag Queen Filmed Collecting Dollars From Adults During Provocative Routine

At the same time, mainstream media claims the best is obsessed with non-existent kid grooming

A going viral thanks to the well-known Twitter account Libs of TikTok shows a young son dressed in drag performing intended for dollar bills handed to him by adults in the California bar.

In the disturbing video footage, the child begins dancing onstage before walking over to customers sitting at tables.

Next, the young man starts collecting dollar expenses from enthusiastic attendees entertaining him on.

The event was hosted by a drag-themed restaurant chain called Hamburger Mary’s.

The particular operator of Libs of TikTok said they submitted a complaint with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Manage regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, NYC schoolchildren are now being taught how to put on drag makeup by a tattooed drag queen working for a program funded by your tax dollars.

Comedian and frequent Infowars guest Alex Stein went viral this weekend meant for exposing a Dallas, Tx drag event featuring children.

After revealing the blatant child tidying and being assaulted by several drag show guests, Stein was locked out of his Twitter account.

Watch the interview beneath where Stein told Alex Jones about the disturbing scene he witnessed.

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