Horror Stories: Ukrainian Forces Allegedly Massacre Children & Civilians, Torture Prisoners

US media will not touch any of these troubling claims

Video footage coming out of Ukraine shows the tragic situation unfolding because the Ukrainian military allegedly partcipates in war crimes against people living in the Donbas area.

In one recently uploaded video, a Ukrainian citizen cries when he tells a Russian soldier the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) joined his village, forced local people on their knees and opened fire.

“ There were children here, ” the weeping man said.

Ongoing, the man pleaded with the Ruskies and DPR soldiers, “ Don’t leave us, don’t creates, or at least give us the weapon. I can’t take it. ”

Another video clip shows a fighter for the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) militia named Viktor being examined by a doctor right after he was supposedly captured and tortured by the Ukrainian Army.

Today, doctors say the fact the particular DPR fighter is still alive is a “ miracle. ”

The Ukrainian Marine who tortured Viktor is currently a prisoner of the DPR and he admitted to some war crimes on video clip.

The Ukrainian military member sobbed as he described stabbing Viktor six times and apologized “ before God. ”

American mainstream media is refusing to cover the atrocities committed by Ukraine and instead focuses on often bogus allegations of Russian war crimes.

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