Imagine if Conservatives Firebombed Four Planned Parenthood Facilities In A Matter Of Weeks?

The news would receive national attention and the suspects will be deemed ‘domestic terrorists’

Once again, mainstream mass media is allowing the United states left to get away with criminal behavior of enormous proportions.

From the BLM riots of 2020 to illegal vaccine mandates and the stolen 2020 presidential political election , the left continually defies the law with defense against George Soros-funded District Lawyers and other government officials.

Now, as the Great Court is rumored to become overturning the controversial Roe v Wade abortion judgment, violent left-wing activists have got set fire to four separate pro-life pregnancy reference centers in the past few weeks.

In May, a sweeping pro-abortion group called Jane’s Revenge took credit designed for the  firebombing of a pro-life organization in  Madison, Wisconsin where police found evidence that two Molotov drinks were used to start the particular fire.

A note spraypainted on the side of the creating read, “ If abortions aren’t safe, then you not necessarily either. ”

A public information officer for that Madison Police Department said, “ The Madison Police Department is aware of a group declaring responsibility for the arson from Wisconsin Family Action and so are working with our federal companions to determine the veracity of that declare. We take all information and tips related to this situation seriously and are working to vet each and everyone. ”

Also in May, the  Oregon Right to Lifestyle office in Keizer, Oregon was set on fire after individuals who tried to break into the building failed and tossed Molotov cocktails at the facility.

Police mentioned the fire caused minimal damage with no one was in the building when the vandals attacked.

While no group had taken credit for the arson, the same methods were used as in the Madison Jane’s Vengeance fire.

On Tuesday, one more assault on a pro-life group’s building took place.

Buffalo, New York pro-life medical office and pregnancy center CompassCare had its windows broken and was firebombed.

In this instance, the words, “ Jane was here, ” were spraypainted onto home.

This again reveals the group Jane’s Revenge is behind the terrorist act.

CompassCare CEO Jim Harden told Spectrum Information , “ Jane’s Vengeance is this group that’s attempting to strike fear into pro-life service organizations to keep all of them providing care. ”

“ We have been in contact and have been implementing security measures, and we have been the past several weeks. And at this point there is reason to be worried or even afraid as the organization is safe, ” Harden added, phoning the damage inside the facility “ extensive. ”

“ They broke the 2 main windows in the wedding reception area and the nurse’s workplaces and lit the fire in those places, ” the CEO continued. “ But the smoke damage was extensive throughout as well as a large amount of fire damage. Pretty sure all the equipment has been destroyed. Wish not sure. We haven’t been able to get in and turn this on. All of our power has gone out. So yeah, there’s a great deal we don’t know yet. ”

Two Amherst firefighters were hurt on the job whilst trying to put out the blaze.

Another pro-life group was firebombed on Tuesday, this time in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Mountain Area Pregnancy Providers building had its windows smashed, and the words “ if abortions aren’t secure neither are you” graffitied on the wall.

This is the same phrasing used by Jane’s Revenge in a prior act of vandalism.

The liberal bad guys weren’t too bright, as DASAR 13 reviews , “ Officers also available signs that an offender may have injured themselves, and APD Forensic Technicians were able to get blood samples left behind from a damaged window and a bloody trail. ”

The violent pro-abortion movement has been ignored by mainstream press while it focuses, along with the F and Democrat politicians, upon conservative parents speaking out at school board meetings and Americans who were on the Capitol on January six.

Democrats have a history of domestic terrorism as was witnessed by violent Weather Underground from the 1970s and M19 within the 80s.

In fact , House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D) and then-President Bill Clinton (D) pardoned a pair of left-wing M19 terrorists who  detonated a bomb in the U. S. Capitol Building in 1983.

Meanwhile, America’s senile leader Later on Biden said last month the “ MAGA crowd is really probably the most extreme political organization that is certainly existed in American history. ”

Do hold your breath awaiting Joe Biden to publicly condemn the violent pro-abortion arson currently taking place across the country.

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