Italy Shocked by a Blasphemous Portrayal of the Holy Mary in the Gay Pride in Cremona

Parade featured a life-size doll disguised as a Madonna, a representation of the Ay Mary, with bare boobies, wearing what looks like a sadomasochistic collar and bondage wear.

The Catholic Church still considers sexual activity between members of the same sex to be a mortal sin against chastity, but since Pope Francis’s moderating tone has shifted the landscape in the last few years, in which homosexuality is imagined and judged. It seems there is a growing ambiguity from the Catholic Church regarding this issue, especially after a huge controversy erupted over the presence at the first Gay Pride, which usually took place last weekend within the Lombard city of Cremona, in Northern Italy, that featured a life-size doll hidden as a Madonna, a representation of the Holy Mary, along with bare breasts, wearing what looks like a sadomasochistic scruff of the neck and bondage wear.

The blasphemous representation that shocked most Catholics immediately circulated on social media, bringing heavy critique against the mayor of Cremona, Gianluca Galimberti, who initially granted public patronage for this clearly Satanic event, disrespectful of a religion that is still practiced (at least formally) by most Italians.

“ It is not like this, with this squalid and fresh way of the Christian faith, that the [LGBTQ]  rights are claimed, ” said, outraged most exponents from the various local conservative political forces, that are the typical Northern movement associated with the  Lega Nord   (English: Northern League), to Berlusconi’s  Forza  Italia (usually translated to “ Forward Italy” or “ Take a look at Go Italy” ), to the right-wing  Fratelli d’Italia  (English: Brothers associated with Italy).     But of course , there was no critique towards this Satanic stunt from any of the left-wing parties, including Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement now an appendix of Italy’s Democratic Party.

However , public criticism of the blasphemous image of the “ Virgin Mary” that was carried on the canopy with her chests out during the Gay Satisfaction parade, was also moved simply by important local business statistics of what is considered among Italy’s wealthiest cities.  

Giovanni Arvedi for example , a known metal entrepreneur, who is the consumer of the local soccer team Cremonese, who built, among other things, the particular Violin Museum said:

“ These symbols have nothing to do with the legitimate protection of legal rights and the fight against homophony plus discrimination. They are out-of-tune pictures. because they offend others’ sensitivity. ”

Arvedi also expressed “ awe and regret” at the proven fact that no authority has intervened implying he was stunned the local Diocese of Cremona had not said anything. The Diocese of Cremona is a suffragan diocese in the ecclesiastical province of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Milan that has always been in the hands of the most progressive side of the Catholic Cathedral.

Erotically living, feminist and lesbian versions of the Holy Mary have already been increasing in the LGBTQ activities in the last few years, and are a common theme in the art of  Alma Lopez , a controversial Chicana designer and activist born in Mexico and raised in California that has promoted recently an art piece called “ Our Lady, ” a digital print showing the Virgin mobile of Guadalupe in a swimsuit made of roses, exalted with a bare-breasted butterfly. Lopez states she intended it as a tribute to Our Lady, “ inspired by the experiences of numerous Chicanas and their complex relationship to La Virgen de Guadalupe. ”  

However , many people do not like her heretical representations, which usually end up triggering chaotic protests in front of the art galleries that will carry them and have brought a big number of death risks toward the artist.

While most Catholics do not have problem today in accepting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month currently celebrated every year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in New york, the same people have a problem having a senseless attack on their Faith like parading a blasphemous image of the Holy Mary.  

All of us wonder at times why won’t the LGBTQ community model Mohammed instead at their own Gay Pride events? Too scared? Of course , you are, so please stop mocking Jane, the mother of Jesus, before the wrath of God brings you some nasty surprises.

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