Mattel Introduces “Pregnant Ken” Barbie Doll: Satire

Babylon Bee envisions woke ‘upgrade’ to popular kid’s toy.

With all the left’s clown world lunacy in full effect and wokeness at an all-time high, it will be no surprise if toy organization Mattel released a pregnant version of their Ken toy from its popular Barbie doll series.

A hilarious new video from the satirists at the Babylon Bee envisions what a promo for the new doll may look like in a leftist-run globe where men can have children and the term “ woman” is undefinable.

“ New from Mattel, ” the fake ad starts. “ Barbie’s partner is getting a much needed plus way more inclusive makeover. ”

“ Introducing pregnant Ken! He’s a person. He’s definitely male and not a lady. His belly tells you he’s pregnant – great beard lets you know he’s a person. ”

“ Because men can get expectant just like women – in fact there’s no definition of women. All of us literally have no idea what a girl is, ” the ad continues.

Ideally a pregnant Ken doll doesn’t actually come to fruition, as The particular Babylon Bee is notorious for penning satire that further later on unfortunately actually is true .

However , it wouldn’t end up being so far removed from reality given that Mattel has already designed transgender and gender-neutral dolls.

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