‘I think you need to start yelling in people’ Jimmy Kimmel tells Biden

Says he won’t sign executive orders to curb weapon violence because he doesn’t wish to ’emulate Trump’s abuse from the Constitution’

President  Joe Biden  received some unsolicited assistance from late-night host  Jimmy Kimmel: ‘ I think you need to begin yelling at people. ‘ 

The  beleaguered president appeared upon Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday evening, with the host expressing disappointment on Washington being not able to solve a bevvy of issues like gun assault, abortion and  climate alter.    

Kimmel began his interview asking Biden ‘ why haven’t we dont anything at all about this? ‘ pointing to the recent string of bulk shootings.  

‘ This is not your father’s  Republican  Party, ‘ the president replied – a favorite phrase he’s been using lately in front of political donors.    

The president held responsible his political opposition for being too afraid to do everything about guns because they worry primary election challenges.

Kimmel pressed Biden on whether he could make use of executive orders to increase gun control, noting that former President Donald Trump ‘ passed them out like Halloween candy. ‘

Although Biden has brought some unilateral steps on guns, the president said this individual wasn’t interested in stepping beyond the limits of their authority.

‘ I don’t want to copy Trump’s abuse of the Cosmetic and constitutional authority, ‘ Biden said.  

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