Spain’s Vox Party Warns associated with Danger of ‘Multicultural Hotspots’ After Champions League Damage

Wants EU in order to tackle migrant-heavy no go zones.

Following the chaos that will occurred before the Champions Little league final in Paris, Spain’s Vox party has warned about the danger of “ multicultural hotspots” spreading to areas of Europe.

As we previously pointed out, the final had to be delayed after people described as “ local youths” stormed stadium security, vaulting fences and entering the ground without tickets and also carrying out countless robberies plus assaults on tourists coming over for the game who they saw as easy prey.

Most of the criminals were comprised of local migrant-background men who else live in the ethnic region of Saint-Denis, where the Stade de France is located, that is home to a whopping 400, 000 illegal immigrants, most of whom are from Northern Africa and the Middle Eastern.

A poll of French people used earlier this week found that 76 per cent of participants didn’t believe the official explanation behind the riots, which were falsely blamed on Liverpool supporters traveling without tickets.

Now Spain’s right-wing Vox party is definitely warning that unchecked immigration and failed integration insurance policies could easily see such scenes become commonplace on other European cities.

“ We have time to prevent [the Spanish cities of] Usera, El Puche or Salt from becoming Saint-Denis, ” said Santiago Abascal, the leader of the Vox party, referring to areas that will also have high numbers of migrant residents.

“ We need to protect the borders, end the pull impact [for migrants], increase the law enforcement presence, end the totally free social benefits buffet, and stop bowing our heads to progressive inquisitors, ” he added.

Abascal is calling on MEPs to do this to ensure “ multicultural hotspots, ” or no go areas, don’t boil over into widespread criminality, and Vox is going to take the issue to the plenary program of the European Parliament in a few days.

As we highlighted last year, an Islamic terrorist with ISIS links exactly who planned to carry out a fatal Kalashnikov attack arrived in Spain as an illegal boat migrant.

Videos consistently emerge of boat migrant workers landing in Spain and then disappearing into the nearest town or even village.

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