Confirmed: DHS Created Ministry of Truth To Censor Free Speech With Help of Big Tech, Whistleblower Documents Reveal

“Disinformation” deemed the “national security risk” include speech about election ethics, the COVID vaccines, as well as the masks, according to internal DHS memo.

Department of Homeland Security documents offered by a whistleblower to Congressional lawmakers reveal the department’s now-defunct Disinformation Governance Panel was formed to monitor American free speech and censor “ conspiracy theories. ”

Within an open letter addressed to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Josh Hawley (R-Ark. ) required the department “ offer additional clarity regarding its policies and procedures with regard to identifying (mis-, dis- or even mal-information), as well as its attempts to ‘ operationalize’ public-private partnerships and the steps it is taking to ensure it does not infringe on the constitutional rights of American citizens. ”  

The senators went on to claim the whistleblower documents show the table was not intended as a “ working group” to “ develop guidelines, standards, [and] guardrails” towards disinformation.

“ In fact , DHS documents show that the DGB was designed to be the Department’s central hub, clearinghouse and gatekeeper for Administration policy and response to whichever it happened to decide has been ‘ disinformation, ‘” the letter stated.

Free speech the DHS claimed were “ serious homeland security risks” pertained to “ conspiracy theories” about election security, the COVID vaccines, and “ the efficacy of masks, ” according to the documents.

  • Conspiracy theories about the quality and security of elections may undermine trust in core democratic institutions, amplify threats against election personnel, plus jeopardize the voting rights of vulnerable communities.
  • Disinformation associated with the origins and effects of COVID-19 vaccines or the effectiveness of masks undercuts public health efforts to fight the pandemic.

The interior DHS memo also alleges that the DGB intended to coordinate with Big Tech in order to enforce censorship and counter-narratives.

“ Jointly, whistleblower allegations and the documents we’ve reviewed raise worries that DHS could be looking for an active role in matching the censorship of opinions that it determines, according to a mystery standard, to be ‘ MDM’ by enlisting the help of social media companies and big tech. ”

Specifically, the documents “ recommend the Department has been focusing on plans to ‘ operationalize’ its relationships with personal social media companies to implement its public policy goals. 14 For example , we obtained draft briefing notes prepared for a scheduled April twenty-eight, 2022, meeting between Robert Silvers and Twitter professionals Nick Pickles, Head associated with Policy, and Yoel Roth, Head of Site Ethics. ”

The Republican senators pointed out that the particular DGB had no way associated with preventing ideological influence within the board’s decision-making when it comes to perseverance what qualifies as disinformation.

“ The particular memo states that DHS’s ‘ role in responding to disinformation should be limited to locations where there are clear, objective specifics. ‘ It is unclear just how DHS defines ‘ clear, objective facts, ‘ in fact it is unclear what safeguards, when any, DHS has put in place to ensure that individuals charged along with determining which issue locations have ‘ clear’ plus ‘ objective facts’ aren’t influenced by their own ideological and political beliefs, ” the letter says.

“ The First Modification of the Constitution was designed precisely so that the government could not censor opposing viewpoints – even if those viewpoints were false, ” the senators additional.

Nina Jankowicz, the board’s disgraced previous chair, had a history of peddling fake news like the Russia collusion scam , and advancing falsehoods like claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop computer story was “ Russian disinformation. ”

Notably, the memo indicates “ Jankowicz might have been hired because of her relationship with executives at Twitter” rather than her expertise on countering disinformation, the senators claim.

In summary, the senators requested “ all written and electronic communications, memoranda, and company documents, related to the DGB from the point that DHS first considered establishing a DGB until the present”, as well as all documents and marketing communications related to the selection of Jankowicz since board chair.

Hawley joined “ Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday to break down the memo and what it means for the American people.

“ This Administration wanted you to become monitored. This ‘ Disinformation Board’ was set up to look after you, ” Hawley said.

“ As it ends up, the people that the Biden management thinks are a threat towards the American people, it’s not the drug cartels, it’s not international threats, it’s you. It’s the American people. ”

These revelations confront Mayorkas’ Congressional testimony last month stating that the Disinformation Governance Board was “ not the truth police” because its overall mission has been to fight disinformation from “ Russia, China, Serbia, and the cartels” which could pose a “ national safety threat. ”

Furthermore, Mayorkas asserted upon CNN that the board would not monitor the particular free speech of Americans:

CNN’s Dana Bash: “ Will American citizens be monitored? ”

Mayorkas: “ No . ”

Bash : “ Guarantee that? ”

Mayorkas : “ So what we perform, we in the Department of Homeland Security don’t keep track of American citizens. ”

The DHS’ shuttered its modern-day Ministry of Truth last month after fierce public backlash, vowing to bring it back after a 75-day review to improve its perception to the American people.

Jankowicz ironically claimed the DGB was shut down because of “ disinformation” itself , which she insisted “ endangers our national security. ”

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