Inflation-Deniers Finally Admitting They Were Wrong

Public has been grossly misinformed on the risks ahead

We heard this for the past couple of years – pumpiing is  merely “ transitory. ”  

Government and central banking officials as well as the Biden White-colored House were in  full spin mode   on rising prices and the decline in the dollar’s buying power while the mainstream  media backed all of them   every step of the way.  

As a result, the public was grossly misinformed on the dangers ahead.

The alternative financial media called the establishment out on their lies and we provided an endless array of evidence to back up the position that an inflationary problems was in fact imminent.   We were called “ conspiracy theory theorists” and “ doom mongers” in response.   Right now comes the time of reckoning.   We were right, they were wrong, but they’ll still try to convince the public that THEY are the proper people to resolve the problem even though they utilized to deny it even been around.

Former Fed Chairman and Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen finally admitted this month what most of us already knew – The inflation crisis is not transitory.   She comes after a long line of banking elites who are suddenly feeling like being honest about the fiscal prospects, with JP Morgan CEO  Jamie Dimon   plus Goldman Sachs President  John Waldron   both openly voicing problems about economic disaster.   This was on top of admissions through globalist institutions such as the IMF, BIS, World Bank and the UN that global meals shortages would be coming this year.  

Yellen’s announcement is specifically concerning because administration economists are often the last to admit financial mismanagement or mistaken forecasts, because their jobs depend on the public remaining uninformed.   Yellen is also in a special position of being unable to refuse personal involvement; as a former Fed official she straight presided over some of the most fancy inflationary actions in the main bank’s history.   When she is admitting that the girl was wrong, then the program must be on the verge when an epic downturn.

The problem with this kind of admissions is that they are often adopted up with disinformation.   The existing narrative is to blame Russian federation for the majority of our economic ills.   This is a lie.   While sanctions against The ussr will certainly contribute to supply string problems in the future, the inflationary/stagflationary crisis started well before the particular invasion of Ukraine.   In December of last year the particular CPI had  currently hit 40 year levels   and gas prices where skyrocketing  through 2021 .

There are a couple of realities that governments and central banks will NEVER admit to:   First, they will never ever admit that government debt spending and central financial institution stimulus measures are the general causes of inflation.   Many trillions of dollars made from thin air to support various QE programs as well as a bloated federal government is now resulting in the exact issue we warned about for years – a loss of buying power in our currency in addition to too many dollars chasing too few goods.   The Ukraine event is nothing when compared.  

2nd, they will never admit exactly how bad the crisis will get.   They will use softball words like “ recession” and they will continue to deceived the public on the gravity of the threat.   This is what they do; string people along with false perceptions of safety till the bottom drops out totally from the economy.   Then, as the public stumbles about in pure shock, the officials swoop in to provide their “ solution” to the the calamity.   Generally the solution involves giving them more power.

This is exactly what they will did during the Great Depression, they have exactly what they did after WWI and WWII, and it’s exactly what they did after the credit implosion of 2008.   The media had been even  calling main bankers “ heroes”   after they dumped trillions in fiat bailouts plus QE into the economy.   And yes, they will attempt to do the same thing again.  

We have to ask ourselves, why should we take those advice of the people who started using it all wrong?   Either they were too stupid to see the impending disaster right before their faces, or, they will knew exactly what was about to happen and they lied to the population about it.   Either way, these banking officials and puppet politicians cannot be trusted.  

Perhaps a better model would be to ignore all of them completely and remove the power from their hands to make any kind of decisions.   Perhaps it might be time to punish such individuals for being consistently wrong or even being consistently dishonest.   Why should it be they are allowed to fail so often while continuing to enjoy positions associated with influence and authority?   Perhaps it is time to throw these con-men to the gutter where they belong?  

The overarching danger of inflation/stagflation is that it tends to become a feedback loop in which every new action only exacerbates the problem.   Something that is almost never tried although is the removal of the brokers and leaders that caused the instability in the first place.   A considerable economic decline is baked into the cake plus there is not much that can be done to slow it down at this point, but at the very least we could consider measures to ensure that such a disaster doesn’t happen again.   However , this will require really holding the deniers of fiscal crisis accountable.        

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