Broke Investors Cope Over Stock exchange Plunge & Crypto Crash With Dank Memes

Hilarious financial collapse memes are usually in bull market territory since supply surges to meet demand!

The stock market closed dramatically into bear market place on Monday, with the main stock indexes plunging by 3-4% amid inflation and recession fears.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 876 points lower, as the S& P 500 taken back 20% from its all-time high, marking the steepest 3-day trading decline of 2022.

In the mean time, major cryptocurrency exchanges like Celsius and Binance froze withdrawal transactions due to “ extreme market conditions, ” prompting a massive sell-off within the crypto space that led to a $500 billion wipeout from the market.

The financial bloodbath has retailer investors reeling through devastating losses across the board, prompting a cascade of memes reflecting the market mayhem and chagrin of investors.

The Federal Hold is set to meet this week , along with investors bracing for a possible rate hike of 0. 75%, a laughably insufficient figure given inflation has been running hot at almost eight. 6%, according to the heavily-skewed Customer Price Index.

Economists like Peter Schiff point out that if the Federal Reserve got the political fortitude to properly address inflation , it could need to raise interest rates by a much higher margin (coupled with a reduction of government spending), which would unfortunately pop the particular economic bubble created by simple money policies over the last decade.

But since that likely won’t happen, pumpiing is here to stay and even speed up.

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