Mexico President Slams “Immoral” NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

The particular president of Mexico offers condemned NATO’ s method of the war in Ukraine – labelling it “ immoral. ”   “ How easy it is to state, ‘ Here, I’ lmost all send you this much money regarding weapons. ’   Couldn’ t the war in Ukraine have been avoided? Of course it could, ”   stated President André s Manuel Ló pez Obrador.     Ló pez Obrador didn’ t elaborate on how, but […]#@@#@!!

The president associated with Mexico has condemned NATO’s approach to the war within Ukraine – labelling this “ immoral. ”  

“ How easy it is to say, ‘ Here, I’ll send you that much money for weapons. ‘   Couldn’t the war in Ukraine have been avoided? Of course it might, ”   said President André s Manuel Ló pez Obrador.    

Ló pez Obrador failed to elaborate on how, but fair to say a peaceful resolution would have centered on the settlement of:

  • Some form of independence for the far eastern Ukraine provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk
  • A Ukraine government promise that it will not join NATO
  • Ukraine’s identification that Crimea is now section of Russia 

The increasingly dismal prospects for Ukraine’s army now seem to point to the negotiated end to the war that embraces those same three elements,   but perhaps with Donetsk and Luhansk— which together comprise the Donbas region— joining Russia outright.

Though we’re likely to end exact same position— or worse, from the Western view— the Biden White House and NATO member countries were content to first wage a weapon-industry-enriching proxy war that took a terrible human toll on Ukraine, paired with economic warfare that’s causing despair and hunger for people in the usa, Europe and around the world.    

Oughout. S. -NATO policy can be tantamount to saying,   “ Factors . supply the weapons, and you give you the dead, ”   saidLó pez Obrador. “ It is immoral. ”

His comments come since Russian forces continue to  strengthen their position   in the Donbas, while having already secured the “ land bridge ” of territory connecting Russia to Crimea, which Russia annexed within 2014.

The particular remarks were Ló pez Obrador’s second display associated with independence from Washington in recent days. Last week, he or she refused to attend the Oughout. S. -hosted Summit from the Americas, in protest of Biden’s exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.    

Explaining his refusal, Ló pez Obrador  said ,   “ I believe in the need to change the plan that has been imposed or generations, the exclusion, the desire to rule … the lack of respect for the sovereignty of the countries, the independence of every nation. ”

South america voted for a U. N. resolution condemning Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine, but Ló pez Obrador has otherwise proclaimed, “ The posture is neutrality . ”  

Ló pez Obrador is part of the Morena party. Per month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, six Morena people were among a group of Mexican legislators who launched a “ Mexico-Russia Friendship Committee , ” which applauded Russian Ambassador Viktor Koronelli when he tackled the group in March.    

“ For us this is a sign associated with support, of friendship, of solidarity in these complicated periods in which my country is not only facing a special military operation in Ukraine, but a tremendous media war, ” Koronelli said.   Russia didn’t start this war , it is finishing it. ”

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