Video: Biden Hops Around to Show He’s Okay After Bicycle Fall

Puppet president visits church in Rehoboth Beach hours after bike fall.

US President Joe Biden has previously been bicycling with a group of friends but as he approached a bevvy of journalists he fell on his side with the bike.

US President Joe Biden visited a church in Rehoboth Beach a few hours after falling off his bike and hopped around when asked by the crowd how he was feeling after his disaster on two wheels.

A video posted on social media shows Biden leaving the church in high spirits. Some of the bystanders ask the president how he feels, at which point he smiles and enthusiastically jumps three times and raises his fists, and then proceeds to his car.

Before that, Biden fell off his bike in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The footage showed how he cycles up to journalists during a bike ride and falls on his side.

Biden Falls Again

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