Surprise Footage Shows Veteran Assaulted by VA Hospital Worker Who’s Still Employed

‘He had been Mike Tyson-ing me right now there, ‘ says injured experienced Phillip Webb.

Footage out of a Experienced Affairs clinic in Gwinnett, Ga., shows the moment an employee member attacked a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran, leaving him with contusions and a human brain bleed.

The incident happened in late April, and footage obtained via a FOIA request by WSB-TV shows the altercation between VA “ individual advocate” Lawrence F. Gaillard Jr. and elderly experienced Phillip Webb at the VA Clinic at Fort McPherson.

According to reports, Webb, who had been at the clinic to discuss a hernia surgery, was in a waiting room and pulled on a clinic door to tell them he need to make use of the restroom.

The footage shows Gaillard point his finger at Webb, who then pushes it aside and away from his face, prompting the two to start grappling.

Gaillard next overpowered Webb and began choking your pet, before throwing him to the floor. Gaillard is then seen stomping on Webb, following it up with another kick to his mind.

“ Webb was hospitalized for three times with a brain bleed, ” WSB-TV reports.

Photos show the degree of Webb’s injuries:

“ He was Mike Tyson-ing me there, ” Webb later said within an interview with WSB-TV, incorporating he could not remember the entire altercation. “ I’m simply stunned. I don’t know what you should say. ”

“ I guess he got upset because I hit at his door, ” Webb added.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports Gaillard was arrested following a altercation and was released on the $10, 000 bond following the US Attorney’s Office lowered charges against him citing “ jurisdictional issues” plus transferred the case to the Fulton County District Attorney.

In a statement to WSB-TV, the VA said:

“ We are horrified at the movie of a V. A. worker assaulting a Veteran at the Atl VA Health Care System upon April 28. This disturbing behavior is contrary to our core values of treating Experienced with the dignity and respect they deserve. We take this matter seriously and will cooperate fully with Fulton Region law enforcement. ”

Gaillard had been reportedly fired on March 23, nearly a month after the incident, however , the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT confirmed on Monday in order to multiple information sources that Gaillard is currently still used.

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