Ukraine Bans Main Opposition Celebration, Seizes All Its Assets

‘Beacon of democracy’ cracks down on dissent.

Ukrainian authorities possess banned the country’s primary opposition party and seized all its assets, once again undermining the narrative that President Zelensky is presiding over a beacon of democracy.

The country’s Ministry of Proper rights announced the move via Facebook, revealing that the Resistance Platform — For Life have been shut down and its assets, cash and property transferred to their state.

The party had previously had the operations suspended in March after it was accused of being complicit with Russia and being “ anti-Ukrainian. ”

The prohibit means that Zelensky’s main political opposition has been eliminated. The particular OPPL was the second biggest party in the country and its recognition surpassed that of Zelensky’s Stalwart of the People party a year ago.

Its innovator Viktor Medvedchuk, who claims he is merely looking out for the particular interests of the Ukrainian individuals by seeking better relations with Russia, was placed under house arrest last month.

The announcement said the party has been suspected of acting in order to “ undermine the sovereignty” of Ukraine, with government bodies have already banned 10 additional political opposition parties for the similar reason.

Last month, President Zelensky authorized a bill into law that gave the green light to ban any party that challenged the government’s policy on the Russian invasion, empowering courts to seize property without the right to appeal.

While opposition celebrations are being obliterated, Ukrainians that engage in dissent are also getting rounded up and arrested by armed men in the Ukraine Security Service.

As we previously highlighted , Ukraine is also attempting to extradite plus imprison citizens who reside in other European countries if they criticize Zelensky.

In the mean time, President Zelensky is still being hailed by western legacy media outlets as a valiant defender of democracy as opposed to the brutal autocratic dictators who control Russia.

What a joke.

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