‘You’re A Globalist!’: Ted Cruz Heckled Over Funding Ukraine While U.S. Southern Border Collapses

Texas senator branded “coward and “liar” by Alex Stein at Texas GOP Convention.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was called out as a globalist by comedian activist Alex Stein at the Texas GOP Convention on Sunday over his support for funding Ukraine with $40 billion to wage war with Russia.

Stein began by baiting Cruz for trying to cozy up with former President Donald Trump after he mocked the Texas senator’s wife’s looks in 2016 with a scathing meme.

“Remember when Trump made fun of your wife? Why do you become best friends with Trump after he makes fun of you and your wife?” Stein said.

Stein then turned to Cruz whole-heartedly supporting funding Ukraine with billions of dollars while America suffers with record-high inflation, gas prices, and a collapsed southern border.

“I do love America, see, you don’t,” Stein continued. “You care more about the border between Ukraine and Russia than you do about the border between Texas and Mexico. Why is that?”

At that point, Stein called Cruz a “coward” for fleeing to Cancun, Mexico during the Texas Freeze of 2021, as Cruz’s staffers began pulling him away from the senator.

“You’re a globalist! Hey Teddy, you’re a globalist!” Stein said as staffers pulled him away. “You’re a globalist Ted, you know that, and that’s why you’re a coward and a liar and you know that and I know that…When people were freezing and dying, you were in Cancun, Mexico, you remember that? You remember when you were at the all-inclusive buffet while people were freezing? You remember that, Ted?”

Cruz had claimed he flew to Cancun during the Texas Freeze to “be a good dad,” but later called the decision to make the trip “a mistake.”

This comes a day after Stein heckled RINO Rep. Dan Crenshaw (Texas) at the Texas GOP Convention, calling him “Eyepatch McCain” over his support of red flag gun laws, funding for Ukraine, and his ties to the World Economic Forum.

So far, the convention has shown that the GOP base is souring against squishy Republicans, like when Sen. John Cornyn (Texas) was roundly booed at the convention Friday over his cooperation with Democrats to craft red flag gun laws.

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