Here’s Why The System Wants To Keep You In A Cage

As a zombie, you accept a fate that’s been given to a person, causing you to rot away inside a mundane life instead of creating a campaign for yourself

The machine doesn’t want you thinking outside the box; they want to keep you caged in so you don’t view the possibilities for not only yourself, but for all of humanity.

It desires you living a measely existence, a meaningless 9-5 life of endless programs and vapid consumerism made to keep you in a zombie-like state, never realizing you can expect more out of yourself and your situation.

The fact the machine has to put you straight into auto-pilot mode to accept this means you’re not meant to live that will life.

You aren’t really meant to buy the newest, trendy products brought over by cargo ships thousands of miles from China while the US dollar is being decimated.

The system tips you into thinking satisfaction comes from consuming when it isn’t going to at all; it comes from creating yourself from within.

That’s why it shuts off your thinking – and even your own pineal gland – so that you never truly discover precisely already there inside of a person, waiting to be polished like a rare gem raw from the earth: what you can visualize, what you can believe, that you truly are.

When you have the mind of the zombie, you truly are usually controlled.

As being a zombie, you accept the fate that’s been given to a person, causing you to rot away in the mundane life instead of creating a campaign for yourself.

But you’re supposed to have got your own philosophy of life, your own pathway of doing details. That’s how you truly succeed.

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You’re supposed to reach out to the stars for all your endless possibilities. That’s why celebrities exist, that’s why God put them there: for humanity to reach out to them.

Think about this: there’s at least one hundred billion stars in the Milky Way alone, and the Milky Way is only one of approximately 100 billion galaxies in the known universe.

Humanity might never be able to reach all of them – except if, of course , we somehow discover how to enter a higher level of dimensional existence – but the celebrities are there for us to learn that we need to transcend as a types to greater heights.

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However the system wants to keep your brain down on this planet exactly where everyone is competing with each other on the most vapid things possible.

There’s also continuous wars over the limited resources on Earth, which is ridiculous considering that even in our own Asteroid Belt, there’s trillions on trillions of dollars worth of raw materials to mine, more than what’s on this world.

The elites want to be gods of this planet, but they might as well be Emperors of the North Pole due to the fact Earth is an arid wasteland in comparison to the real wealth that may be out there in the universe – both figuratively and literally.

And the figurative wealth is actually in your mind: understanding how to think outside the box – and knowing not to accept the particular fate given to you.

You want to be more of a Howard Roark and less of a Peter Keating.

You’re not meant to be held in a cage; you’re actually meant to transcend a worthless existence.

The device wants to keep you locked in the prison for your mind mainly because that’s the tiny realm exactly where they can control you.

But once you begin to break away from the vices, you start to see the endless options for not only yourself, but also for humanity.

The system cannot control you as soon as you understand your true potential.

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