Biden Economic Adviser Asserts That More Government Spending Will certainly Solve Inflation Crisis

Admin’s “Build Back Better” efforts have been a phenomenal failure so far

Biden’s “ Build Back Better” efforts have been the phenomenal failure so far, but on the other hand that’s because Americans simply don’t understand a good thing when they view it?

It has been Biden’s argument in the state of the economy recently, as he persistently argues there is no threat of recession because the US jobs market still “ strong. ”   There is no mention in the White House regarding the fact that covid stimulus spending synthetically drove up retail demand and created a temporary surge in jobs.   When they were to admit that layoffs are about to ramp up since the covid checks are gone plus people’s credit cards are maxed out because of inflation, then Biden would have nothing remaining to brag about.      

Biden economic adviser Cecilia Rouse responded to media question  on the inflation situation   in particular recently and offered even more propaganda, rather than an honest assessment of the dangers ahead.   Remember, this is the same administration which was still saying only a 12 months ago that  pumpiing was “ transitory”   despite all proof to the contrary.   However, we’re now supposed to rely on their opinions on the potential for recession and solving inflation?  

One of the key obstacles to “ Build Back Better” may be the reality of high inflation.   If Biden gets exactly what he wants, which is at bottom an infrastructure restoration plan similar to the New Offer plan under FDR during the Great Depression.   Whether or not the New Deal actually saved the US economy is up for discussion (the destruction caused by WORLD WAR II left the US as one of the just major manufacturing nations still intact, and this was the major reason for the explosion in wealth and the national escape through poverty), but even if it made a difference the circumstances nowadays are not the same.

The thing is that FDR was dealing with a deflationary crash where the US dollar remained practical and strong.   Today, we are dealing with a stagflationary crash in which price inflation is rampant and the dollar’s buying power is growing actually weaker.   One of the main reasons for this inflation is due to government investing and massive Federal Book stimulus created from thin air.

The US national financial debt when Barack Obama plus Joe Biden entered workplace in 2008 was close to $10 trillion.   When Obama and Biden still left in 2016, the nationwide debt had doubled to $20 trillion.   This is a 100% increase in only 7 years.   Since 2016 the national debt offers expanded to around $30 trillion.   The Federal Reserve created over $6 trillion in a single year in 2020 to supply the government with currency for covid checks plus PPP loans during the lockdowns.     To be sure, the Federal Reserve is pleased to continue destroying the buck, but exponential government spending gives them the excuse to do it.

This is not even counting the spending required for long term government applications such as medicare and interpersonal security.     And yes, programs like Interpersonal Security  DO increase US debt  and the Federal deficit and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.   Just because something is “ off budget” does not mean it’s not adding debt.

In March, Nancy Pelosi made a  strange claim   that will in order to deal with inflation and bring down the national financial debt America need MORE investing, not less.   Of course , anyone with a brain plus a mediocre knowledge of fiscal responsibility knows that the national financial debt has little to do with inflation directly, and government investing always creates more nationwide debt and inflation when it relies on fiat money publishing from a central bank, which the US government does.   One might write away from Pelosi as a complete moron and they would be right to do this, but politicians like Pelosi do not make these kinds of statements in a vacuum.

Biden, Pelosi and other political figures rely on economic advisers plus gatekeepers to write their speaking points for them, and the narrative that government spending is really a “ good thing” that will eventually stop inflation is usually part of a much larger concerted propaganda effort; it is not just the ramblings of senile authorities hacks.

As we have seen recently from Biden’s advisers, the all covering narrative is in support associated with massive spending as the miracle talisman to ward off collapse.   In other words, the claim is that we can print our way to prosperity.   Cecilia Rouse argued that:

“ The president is targeted on inflation and in reality, Build Back Better is really a long-run investment to increase economic capacity so that we’re better able to address inflation. Parts of Build Back Better include addressing costs, such as prescription drugs. It includes making investments to help make the transition to clean energy which we know we need to be making as well. So that’s not the kind of bucks that is stimulus, it’s expenditure, and it’s the kind of investments that actually pay for themselves over time. So that’s smart economic plan right now… ”  

This is complete nonsense.   Infrastructure spending is stimulus; this is a truth.   Increasing economic “ capacity” does not address buck devaluation, and creating tasks from nothing in order to motivate spending does not address a lot of dollars chasing too few products if you have to print even MORE bucks to make those infrastructure tasks possible.  

Ultimately, the government has no tools whatsoever to reduce inflation, they will only know how to increase inflation.   Beyond that, cost controls (which Rouse appears to be embracing) do nothing but trigger even more inflation because they damage profit incentives.   When producers and manufacturers cannot make a profit on their goods because of price controls, then they will minimize making those goods.   Now you have increased shortages and prices rise again.  

The real cost of the Build Back Better program if accepted will hit  around $5 trillion , and this spending would occur quickly over the course of a couple of years, flooding the economy with even more fiat dollars at a time when inflation is (officially) at 40 year highs.   Never ever in history has fiat spending ever reduced inflationary challenges, it only makes them worse.   The real solution is a whole restructuring of the currency design, such as coupling a nation’s money to a hard commodity like gold and a moratorium on deficit spending.   Obviously Biden will never try this, and so, inflation is going to be a problem that Americans face for many months to come.  

In the meantime, we are able to listen to the people that told us inflation was not a threat now tell us that inflation can be solved with increased inflation.  

Us citizens are being intentionally deprived of food and energy as part of the Globalist Great Reset.

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