Spotify Censors Rapper For Criticizing Pride Month

“You can rap regarding killing people all day and become fine though. “

Spotify has censored a song by rapper Bryson Grey in which he criticizes homosexual pride month, with track having been ‘ greyed out’ by the streaming giant and made unavailable for download.

The particular pro-Trump rapper released the particular song ‘ Pride Month’ on June 1st to coincide with the start of the yearly period that recognizes the particular LGBT movement.

“ In the song, Grey criticises the LGBT community from a Christian perspective, rapping about transgender activists pushing children onto puberty blockers at twelve years old, the promotion of LGBT motifs by media such as Netflix, and other topics, ” produces Jack Hadfield.

The lyrics to the song guide bible verses about homosexuality.

Real Christ Gang

I no longer recognize no pride month

Revelation twenty one eight, you thought He humiliated huh?

What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?

They all fried huh?

Y’all keep disrespecting Yah like He won’t slide huh?

I’m simply tryna make it in them Heaven gates

Repent and turn into from sin or end up being reprobate

Pride the deadly sin but y’all celebrate

If you don’t become new then only Hell awaits

Right after being on the platform for just two weeks, Gray revealed that will Spotify had censored the particular song by removing this completely from his designer page.

“ I am the ONLY music performer that this happens to without any quality, ” complained Gray.

The rapper noted how his song had been censored for ‘ homophobia’ and yet tracks released simply by best selling artists like Eminem DMX, and Kendrick Lamar which contain brazen homophobic slurs remained untouched.

“ Eminem made the song called ‘ Fall, ‘ which was on his Kamikaze album a few years ago, and in the song he phone calls Tyler the Creator the term that gay people detest, the f-word… It’s the following, free to listen to. How about another songs where Eminem said the same exact word? Like, the ‘ Marshall Mathers’ song, or how about their song, ‘ Rap Our god, ‘ where he literally says he will break a table over the head of the f-word that you can’t say. Nope, you can listen to that song too! And I didn’t actually say that word, ” said Gray.

Gray also noted exactly how other rappers are permitted to spew all kinds of violent unsupported claims, but as soon as someone starts quoting the bible, really curtains.

“ A lot of these artists cry regarding censorship but never actually experience censorship, ” Grey tweeted. “ You want to truly experience it? Start making biblical music. You can rap about killing people all day long and be fine though. ”

This past year, the streaming platform banned a song called Secure Space that literally opens with the line “ they could ban me for this music, ” because it contained lyrics critical of the LGBT motion and BLM.

Spotify also previously censored a song by indie music legend Ian Brown for lyrics containing “ misinformation”. The lyrics referred to COVID lockdowns and the new world order.

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