Issue of Interest: Biden Taps BlackRock Chairman To Advise State Department on China Guidelines

Leader of investment firm that’s called “strategic competition” with China and taiwan bad for business now guidance Biden admin on “strategic competition” with China.

The Biden administration’s new pick to suggest the State Department on “ strategic competition” with Beijing chairs BlackRock, an investment believe tank that’s urged investors to heavily invest in China and taiwan.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken selected BlackRock Investment Institute chairman Tom Donilon on Friday to co-chair the Foreign Affairs Policy Table, which will provide “ suggestions, feedback, and perspectives”   to the State Department upon “ cybersecurity and growing technologies, climate and energy, international economics, global wellness, and strategic competition using the People’s Republic of China and taiwan. ”

Donilon previously served as the Obama administration’s National Security Adviser from 2010 to 2013.

But Blinken’s pick represents a clear turmoil of interest because BlackRock offers specifically stated that “ strategic competition” with Customer bad for business.

“ Strategic competition between U. S. and China and resulting tensions also have contributed to uncertainty in the geopolitical and regulatory landscapes, ” reads BlackRock’s the majority of recent  annual review .  

In other words, the State Department’s guidelines on “ strategic competition” with China will now be advised by a leader of a corporation who actively discouraged “ strategic competition” with China.

Within September, BlackRock became the very first American company ever to spread out a mutual fund within China.

In fact , BlackRock has urged shareholders to invest more heavily within China, even going so far as investing in sanctioned Chinese security companies like Hikvision plus iFlytek, which were blacklisted in 2019 by the U. S i9000. Commerce Department for links to China’s military.

According to the Commerce Department, Hikvision and iFlytek are usually two of 28 companies “ that have been implicated in human rights violations and abuses in China’s advertising campaign targeting Uighurs and other mainly Muslim ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR). ”

The moves are so coldly at odds with Oughout. S. national security that even billionaire leftist George Soros condemned BlackRock’s assets in China as a “ tragic mistake” in 2021.

“ The particular BlackRock initiative imperils the particular national security interests of the U. S. and other democracies because the money invested in China will help prop up President Xi’s regime, which is repressive in your own home and aggressive abroad, ” Soros wrote in the Wall Street Journal .

Notably, the State Department says meetings with the International Affairs Policy Board are usually closed to the public due to “ discussions on sensitive, and often classified, topics and materials. ”

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller called the State Department’s move “ deeply scandalous” and called for the GOP to investigate the Biden management over it should they retake many after the midterms.

“ This is deeply scandalous and shows exactly how the particular swamp operates — huge government takes care of big financing and then, when gov staffers leave, big finance manages them in return, ” Callier tweeted Wednesday. “ If GOP gains majority they must investigate Admin dealings along with Blackrock and China. ”

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