August 19, 2022

Ron Paul: A Victory for a lifetime and Liberty

The Constitution supplies to the states the authority to write and enforce laws and regulations regarding murder.

The particular Supreme Court undid the worst mistakes last week in order to overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision proclaiming a constitutional right to abortion. The Constitution reserves to the states the authority to publish and enforce laws concerning murder. Since the question associated with whether or not to legalize child killingilligal baby killing revolves around whether illigal baby killing is murder, it is not analysis issue. Roe was thus an illegitimate usurpation of state authority.

The Dobbs sixth is v. Jackson Women’s Health Corporation decision last week will not stop the federal government from using the taxes dollars of those who believe abortion is murder to finance abortion and family preparing both in the United States and abroad. Those opposed to abortion, and favor of constitutional authorities, must continue their efforts to end all federal funding of abortion.

Some state governments, such as in Texas and Mississippi, have adopted laws against abortion that are “ triggered” after Roe is overturned. Now, additional pro-life state legislators and activists are usually no doubt planning to push various other states with pro-life majorities to pass legislation outlawing child killingilligal baby killing.

States in which the majority favor legal illigal baby killing are no doubt planning to complete pro-abortion legislation. Some of these claims will pass laws offering enhanced financial support pertaining to lower-income women to receive abortions. Pro-abortion activists are also planning to provide help to women from states where abortion is definitely outlawed to travel to a state exactly where they can legally “ terminate” their pregnancies.

Pro-lifers should not respond to pro-abortion state laws by trying to pass an unconstitutional legislation making abortion a federal crime. Instead, they should work to alter attitudes and build a lifestyle of life. One way to do this is by supporting problems pregnancy centers. These facilities help pregnant women in challenging situations see that there are alternatives to abortion. Sadly, the particular crisis pregnancy centers are usually among the “ woke” mob’s targets for cancellation. When the left were truly “ pro-choice” they would not attempt to shut down privately run pro-life pregnancy centers.

Many libertarians believe that outlawing abortions violates a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. Nevertheless , the nonaggression principle, which is the philosophic foundation of libertarianism, prohibits committing acts of aggression. Murder is obviously an act of aggression. Therefore , even though all humans have a right to bodily structure, this does not justify abortion.

No one actually asked an expectant mother, “ how’s the fetus? ” Instead, people ask about the baby. This implicitly acknowledges the particular unborn child’s humanity and therefore the child’s right to live. The denial of this right has warped our constitutional system. More importantly it has added to the devaluing of human life that is the root of much of America’s moral crisis. A society that devalues lifetime will not respect liberty. Therefore , all who value liberty must protect the right to life. This does not just include ending abortion. It also includes rejecting the militaristic foreign plan that kills innocents with the intention of “ freedom and democracy. ”

Just like pro-life conservatives should be antiwar, progressives should reject the violence government commits against its own citizens via taxation, income redistribution, and the fiat money system that robs average Americans to advantage politicians and elites. Rejecting the use of force, including government force, will lead to the society that values and protects our lives, liberty, plus property.

This article first appeared at RonPaulInstitute. org .

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