August 19, 2022

Video clips: Democrats Say They Could Erect ABORTION TENTS In Nationwide Parks, Hand Out Abortion DISCOUNT VOUCHERS

They want to create slush funds of taxes dollars to pay for women to travel to federal owned land to get unconstitutional procedures

Following the overturning associated with Roe vs Wade, bringing America in to line with much of all of those other world upon abortion laws, the screeching seething desire of leftists to mash up babies in the womb has led to Democrats, who support NO LIMIT abortions , pledging to initiate slush funds to pay for ferrying around those who still want late term procedures, as well as the suggestion of erecting abortion tents on government owned land.

Democrat Senator At the Warren told a Wa Post reporter that the lady envisages the Biden management facilitating pop up abortions in national parks.


Picture that, you’re taking a stroll in the great outdoors, getting back to nature, and over the horizon looms a federal government abortion tent.

Warren also floated the idea in an appearance on ABC’s This Week Sunday:

Biden’s social justice warrior HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, who has a record of formerly supporting ‘ at birth’ abortions , also told CNN that the idea of making use of federal land is very much on the table:

Becerra has also said he could be “ looking at” making use of taxpayer dollars to fund transport to other states for abortions. When asked if that would be legal, he just jeered and said “ Speak with me later… I would tell you if, uh— you’re documenting so I wont tell you. ”

The White Home is entertaining the notion of abortion clinics on federal land, in anticipation associated with ignoring and bypassing State laws:

Vice President Kamala Harris verified that this idea is a fact, with potential abortion vouchers being provided to anyone requesting an out-of-state child killingilligal baby killing:

New York Dems want to establish a fund to get women from elsewhere to go to get abortions:

Meanwhile, Democrats in St . Louis want to use taxpayer-funded COVID alleviation money to fund access to abortions:

What next? All on-board the government abortion bus?

Democrats clearly have no intention of adhering to the Supreme Court ruling and intend to act unconstitutionally.

Nancy Pelosi offers called the SCOTUS an “ extremist” institution:

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