August 19, 2022

COVID Vaccine Whistleblower Who Exposed Globalist Depopulation Agenda Involved with Plane Crash

Dr . Carrie Madej in ICU but expected to recover from mysterious plane accident in Georgia.

A doctor dedicated to exposing the fatal COVID injections and the New World Order’s depopulation agenda was involved in a plane accident on Sunday.

Dr . Carrie Madej, an Osteopathic & Inner Medicine physician, survived the particular mysterious plane crash together with her boyfriend after the aircraft’s engine failed and went down by the Roosevelt Memorial Airport in Warm Springs, Georgia.

The FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION said they were flying a single-engine Piper PA-24 through St . Petersburg Florida once the engine failed, according to reports.

“ According to Jordan Watson, the chairman for the Meriwether County Airport Expert, the flight was on the way from St . Petersburg, Lakewood ranch, near Tampa, to Newnan-Coweta County Airport when it experienced an engine issue because the plane started its descent. The flight was redirected south to Warm Suspension springs, but crashed. Flight monitoring website Flight Aware shows the  path of the flight   before the crash, ” 11 Alive reported .

“ The FAA is working with the  National Transportation Safety Board  to determine a cause for the crash. Neither agency would provide details of the investigation. ”

According to sources in direct contact with Madej, the girl had cancelled a series of speaking in public events just days prior to the plane crash, claiming the particular medical establishment was concentrating on her in “ full force. ”

“ Dr . Madej had just texted me on Thursday to state that she’d not be doing public speaking activities for several months as the healthcare board is coming after her full force, ” reported Tim Brown associated with Sons associated with Liberty Media .

Brown added that Madej is in the ICU but is recovering and will likely be released on Thursday night.

Dr . Madej’s team released a statement on Wednesday saying they will wouldn’t publish further information about the plane crash, but confident that Madej is “ safe” and is “ recovery as well as can be expected. ”

From our love and regard for Dr . Madej, plus her loved ones, we have selected not to publish information appearing on websites, and information the lady did not consent to pertaining to sharing. We also desire to be mindful of giving them space and time to heal, once we would to anyone coping with such a traumatic experience.

We also understand the outpouring of concern. However , please be assured that she is safe, will be surrounded by a supportive circle, and is healing as well as should be expected.

Furthermore, although it’s easy to get caught up in the news cycle details, the most important details is that by God’s elegance, she and her beloved are still with us.

Dr . Madej appeared on The Alex Jones Show in May 2021 and in October 2020 to warn about the global elite’s nefarious plot to use the COVID injection to carry out their digital passport plus depopulation agenda.

In her most recent interview on the JD Rucker Show a week ago, Dr . Madej explained the globalist connection between the Metaverse, nanotech from the COVID shots, transhumanism, and the social credit rating:

Infowars wants Dr . Madej a secure and speedy recovery plus asks our readers to pray for her.

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