September 26, 2022

Conservatism Inc. Goes All-In On Cassidy Hutchinson’s “Devastating” Testimony

ConInc is going all-in upon Cassidy Hutchinson’ s “ devastating” testimony before the Jan 6 Committee and they don’ t care that  her story is already falling aside. National Review’ s Andrew McCarthy wrote an article on Tuesday titled,   “ Cassidy Hutchinson’ s Account against Trump Is Destructive, ”   and reshared it Wednesday on Twitter.   “ Things will never be the same after this, ” McCarthy opined in […]#@@#@!!

ConInc is going all-in on Cassidy Hutchinson’s “ devastating” testimony before the January 6 Committee and they no longer care that  her story is already falling apart.

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy wrote an article on Tuesday titled,   “ Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony against Trump Is Devastating, ”   and reshared it Wednesday on Tweets.  

“ Things will not be the same following this, ” McCarthy opined in his piece, claiming her account “ was devastating. ”

McCarthy noted just how questions have been raised about Hutchinson’s secondhand account of Trump supposedly lunging for and grabbing the controls of the presidential limo but said we should believe her anyways.

“ She heard the story from [Secret Service official Tony] Ornato, who started using it from [Secret Security lead agent Bobby] Engel. That’s true, ” McCarthy said. “ Nevertheless, a few things are really worth bearing in mind. First, this isn’t just any hearsay — such as idle chatter a witness might eavesdrop on. We’re talking here about a chain of command, where federal government officials are expected to survey things to their superiors — in this instance, up to the president’s chief-of-staff. More to the point, Hutchinson learned this data just minutes after the encounter in the limo. Ornato came straight to Meadows’s office with Engel. As Engel looked within apparent affirmation, Ornato relayed what had just happened to Hutchinson. Engel gave no indication that Ornato had gotten any of the information wrong. And if Hutchinson is certainly lying or exaggerating, that it is strange that, under pledge, she would voluntarily identify a lot of witnesses who could contradict her. ”

Engel said yesterday your dog is willing to testify under oath against Hutchinson because  the incident never happened.

The editorial board of Philip Anschutz’s Washington Examiner joined up with the National Review using a column published on Wed titled, “ Trump confirmed unfit for power again. ”

“ Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s Wednesday testimony ought to ring the death knell for former President Donald Trump’s political career, ” the Reviewer, evaluator said. “ Trump is usually unfit to be anywhere near power ever again. ”

“ Hutchinson’s curriculum vitae alone should establish her credibility, ” the Examiner declared.  

The Examiner said the “ worst by far” of Hutchinson’s accounts associated with Trump’s actions “ was that people immediately returning through being with Trump in the presidential vehicle told from the president trying to grab the wheel of the car in order to force it to be powered to the Capitol and then strongly reaching for the neck associated with Secret Service agent Bobby Engel, who headed the president’s protective detail. ”

They left out that NBC News documented that Engel and the president driver have both stated the “ lunging at the steering wheel” incident never ever happened and they were in no way assaulted by Trump.    

They also left out how former White House lawyer Eric Herschmann said he wrote a handwritten note that Hutchinson claimed to have written herself.  

Both of those stories broke just before their column was published but they just ran from it anyways because they hate Trump and want  a more compliant GOP shill to replace him.

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