August 19, 2022

Russia Accuses Ukraine Of Getting ready to Stage Chemical Weapon False Flag, Killing Civilians

Putin’s government promises staged attacks will be blamed on Russian troops

The Russian government on Tuesday warned the world that Ukrainian intelligence is allegedly preparing a chemical strike on civilians to be blamed on Russia.

In a statement issued by Joint Coordination Headquarters from the Russian Federation for Humanitarian education Response, the Russians stated, “ Intelligence services of the Kiev regime are preparing provocations for accusing Russian Armed Forces from the alleged use of chemical weaponry against civilian population. ”

The particular notice alleged, “ Upon June 18, 2022, representatives of the Security Service associated with Ukraine arrived in the Primorsky sanatorium of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (Kurortny, Odessa region), in order to make a deal the issues on receiving, accomodating and providing medical care to people affected by chemical (toxic) agents. ”

After detailing the supposed chemical substance weapons false flag, the Russian government warned the “ so-called civilized Western, the United Nations Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons” that this staged attack will be spread widely by Traditional western media and internet stores.

At the beginning of the government statement, Russia pointed to hospitals in the cities associated with Bakhmut, Chernigov and Seversk where the Ukrainian military allegedly set up firing positions plus sniper rifles with overall disregard for civilian basic safety.

The statement also detailed a second assault supposedly being staged simply by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi battalions.

According to Russian intelligence, “ Militants of Ukrainian nationalist battalions are about to launch missile attacks from residential areas of Krivoy Rog at the local hospital (Osvoboditeley st . ) in Vysokopolye controlled by Russian Armed Forces. Ukrainian neo-Nazis hope to provoke a counter-attack by these acts in order to accuse Russian Armed Forces of launching indiscriminate attacks at civilian facilities facilities and eliminating Ukrainian civilian population. ”

Following the planned strike on the hospital, Russia claims Ukraine will use “ unmanned aerial vehicles for preparing fake videographic data in regards to the alleged murders of civilians committed by Russians” before providing the footage to Western news agencies.

Russia condemned the entire world Health Organization and the international community for repeatedly faltering to address their humanitarian worries in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Western media unanimously echoed Ukrainian Leader Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim that the Russian missile struck a shopping mall with more than a thousand people inside, killing 16.

However , it has since been revealed that a Ukrainian military ammunition depot close to the mall was really struck and the mall was not filled with civilians.

The widely reported “ attack on civilians” happened just three days after the Russian Ministry of Protection issued an identical warning that Ukraine was set to stage an attack on civilians that might be covered by Western media.

Time will tell if the alleged staged episodes take place, and Infowars is going to be here to sift through the important points if they do.

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