August 18, 2022

Alex Jones Trends on Tweets for Celebrating Independence through “Cyborg Slaves of Satan”

‘I declare this Come july 1st 4, 2022, to be a announcement of independence against the peculiar force on this planet nowadays waging war against humans and our biology plus our very future… ‘

Radio host Alex Jones trended on Twitter during the July 4th holiday for a rant telling Us citizens to declare independence through the “ alien force… attempting to exterminate the majority” of humanity.

Jones’ rant trended regardless of him being banned through the platform in 2018.

Jones stated:

“ I announce this July 4, 2022, to be a declaration of self-reliance against the alien force on this planet today waging battle against humans and our biology and our extremely future that is attempting to get rid of the majority of us, and force the particular minority that’s left to merge with AI computer systems and become cyborg slaves of Satan. ”

A disingenuous caption from Twitter user Ron Filipkowski eliminated several key phrases in Jones’ rant, making it seem to the untrained observer as though Jones was speaking directly about extraterrestrials.

However , Jones has in the past explained exactly what this individual means when he refers to “ aliens” during one of his viral appearances for the Joe Rogan Experience.

Watch Jones’ complete comments on the Friday, July 1, model of the Alex Jones Show :

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