August 16, 2022

This summer 4th Fiasco: Americans Do not Know How Many Stars on US Flag

Basic understanding of American history in shambles.

Numerous Americans are unaware of how many superstars appear on Old Glory, the American flag, according to a by media commentator Mark Dice.

In a pop quiz of several Californian beachgoers, Chop showcases the bleak state of American education because only a few savvy Americans understand the meaning behind the flag’s symbolism.

“ Pop quiz: how many celebrities on the American flag, ” Dice asks one lady, who goes on to respond, “ It’s only supposed to be 50, or 51 cause i am not sure if Puerto Rico became a state. ”

The US territory has not yet been granted statehood.

The question furthermore stumped other beachgoers, who have been also confused about the banner having either 50 or 51 stars.

While the American flag provides always had a stars plus stripes motif and has undergone numerous alterations, the current 50-star design has been in place given that 1960.

Various quiz takers were also successfully convinced to count the number of stars on the banner, however many were nevertheless unable to come to the correct count number.

The job interview comes as new survey outcomes show that 2 away from 3 millennials don’t know that Americans declared independence through in 1776, and over the third of people can’t spell the word “ independence. ”

“ In fact , one in 3 Gen Zers think July 4th celebrates America’s independence from the  Natives ! ” reports StudyFinds. org.

Read more about the survey via StudyFinds. org :

One in 10 participants didn’t know how many lines are on the American flag. While red, white, plus blue may be easy to keep in mind, the poll finds the standard American thinks there are 14 stripes on the flag — instead of the correct answer of 13, which symbolize the original 13 colonies.

As evidenced by the following video, fortunately there’s still hope People in america aren’t complete morons and have some basic understanding regarding the world around them.

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