A pair of Prominent Singers Attacked By way of Angry Trans Mob To Speaking Up For Women’s Protection under the law

“Just because you go change your pieces doesn’t make you a woman. Apologies. ”

Singers Macy Gray and Bette Middler include both been attacked as well as branded as ‘ TERFs’ by the angry trans mob on Twitter after they either made statements asserting that will women’s rights trump male or female ideology.

Grey stated in an interview that a biological male having a surgical procedure to change gender does not earn that person a woman.

When asked what a partner is by Piers Morgan (purely interested in stirring up hot debate for his own ratings, although hey ho), Grey replied “ I would say, ah, a human being with boobs… And a vagina. ”

“ Now that’s a little … getting confusing, an entire he, she, they … ” Gray continued, placing “ I will say that, and everybody’s going to never enjoy me, but as a woman, because you go change your parts will not make you a woman. Sorry. ”

Grey extra, “ If you want me to help call you a her, No later than this, because that’s what you want. Although that doesn’t make you a woman, simply just ’cause I call that you a her and just ’cause you got a surgery. ”

While many supported her stance, Grey was virtually immediately branded transphobic and a TERF by the mob:

Grey’s comments came on the same moment as singer Bette Midler posted this:

Midler is often a rampant unhinged leftist who just genuflects about every latest thing minute by little for social clout, so it is highly ironic that the girl now finds herself the focus of the angry mob’s ire:

Indeed, Grey and Midler now are both fascists, the favourite insult of the mob:

Likely Grey as well as Midler will be subject to the kind of horrific risks of violence that article writer JK Rowling has to cope with , and that Twitter outwardly has no issue with:

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