August 18, 2022

Highland Park Attack Occurred Regardless of Red Flag Law, Other Strict Gun Controls

A red flag law, a waiting time period for gun purchases, licensing requirements, and numerous other weapon controls did not prevent the This summer 4, 2022, Highland Recreation area attack. Mike Bloomberg’ s Everytown for Gun Safety  lists  Illinois as the state with the sixth most strict gun laws in the country. Furthermore, Gabby Giffords gun control group  gives  Illinois a grade of A- […]#@@#@!!

The red flag law, a waiting around period for gun buys, licensing requirements, and numerous some other gun controls did not avoid the July 4, 2022, Highland Park attack.

Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety  lists   The state of illinois as the state with the sixth most stringent gun laws in the country.

Furthermore, Gabby Giffords gun control group  gives   Illinois a quality of A- on gun control.

Illinois has a red flag law, the waiting period for gun purchases, gun owner certification, domestic violence gun laws, “ open carry regulations, ” and numerous other weapon controls.

The particular gun owner licensing is completed via  Firearm Owners Id (FOID) cards. Only individuals with a FOID card may legally buy and possess that gun in Illinois and the  process   for acquiring a FOID card  includes a background check out.

The Illinois State Police  listed the process for  buying   a gun in Illinois:

• Buyer must possess a legitimate FOID card.
• Buyer must verify local firearm ordinance requirements.
• Buyer must screen valid FOID card in order to FFL prior to handling gun.
• Buyer should complete Federal Form ATF 4473.
• FFL notifies the Illinois Condition Police (ISP), Firearms Solutions Bureau to perform
the background check in accordance along with state and federal laws.
• FFL receives an “ Approval” from ISP in order to transfer the firearm.
• Buyer must abide by the State of Illinois waiting period before taking possession
of the firearm. The waiting period for a lengthy gun is 24 hours and 72 hours for a
hand gun.
• Upon taking possession of the firearm, the firearm must be unloaded and
surrounded in a case to transport.

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