August 16, 2022

NEW YORK CITY Mayor’s Aide Mugged in Broad Daylight

An aide to Nyc Mayor Eric Adams had been robbed at gunpoint within broad daylight while on the task this week, according to reports. The event unfolded at around ten: 30 a. m. upon Tuesday morning in Brooklyn. The victim, a 33-year-old male who serves on the mayor’ s advance group, was scouting a location for an upcoming visit […]#@@#@!!

An guide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams was robbed at gunpoint in broad daytime while on the job this week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 10: 30 a. m. on Wednesday morning in Brooklyn.

The particular victim, a 33-year-old man who serves on the mayor’s advance team, was scouting a location for an upcoming check out by Adams when he or she was ambushed by muggers.

Two male suspects approached the aide while he or she was standing on a visitors island at an intersection close to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

“ The crooks demanded their wallet and cellphone, and pushed him to the surface when he refused at hand them over, ” sources told the New York Post .

The particular victim warned the guys, “ You don’t want to do this particular. I work for the Gran, ” according to the New York Daily News .

One of the suspects allegedly exhibited the butt of a gun during the attack.

“ The robbers then grabbed the things and fled, with one particular — described as a dark male wearing a blue and white sweatshirt — making his getaway on a Citi Bike, ” the Publish reports.

The other suspect seemed to be described as a black man who was wearing a blue face mask and sunglasses.

Crime is usually surging under Mayor Adams, with robberies reportedly up nearly 40% in the past yr and major crimes up around 38% in the The big apple.

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