August 9, 2022

Organization to Pay Medical Costs meant for Employees Who Have Babies Or Adopt Following Roe Change

‘Today we are announcing that Buffer will pay the costs for our workers who birth babies, ‘ says insurance company.

A Texas insurance company is responding to SCOTUS’ overturn of Roe v. Wade by saying it will pay out employees’ medical expenses whether they have a baby, or adopt a single.

Southlake-based Buffer Insurance announced final month it would be countering the positioning of “ secular companies” that are paying for employee’s out-of-state abortions in the wake from the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

“ Secular businesses are paying the travel costs for employees to belay babies out-of-state, ” the organization wrote in social media blogposts titled, “ How Buffer responds to Roe v. Wade. ”

“ Today we are announcing that will Buffer will pay the costs for the employees who birth infants. ”

The business went on to say they would provide maternity and paternity leave for new mothers and fathers, and would also pay medical costs “ associated with the adoption of a new baby. ”

Buffer explains itself being a “ veteran-led and veteran-owned business, ” and credits the military for instilling founder Sean Turner with values and leadership “ during his time offering as an infantryman and squad leader in the US Army. ”

In the wake up of the Roe ruling, many woke corporations pandered left by virtue-signaling intentions to purchase worker’s out-of-state abortions, including Airbnb, Microsoft, Nike, DoorDash, Levi Strauss, PayPal, Netflix, Patagonia, Reddit and even Tesla .

It’s refreshing to get a business stand up to the left-wing death cult and side with life.

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