August 16, 2022

San Francisco Couple Gets $1, 500 Fine For Parking Within their Own Driveway

Things really appear to be going “ uphill” within San Francisco. A couple from the town, who has parked in the exact same spot “ every day for the last 36 years” was ticketed $1, 542 for parking in their own driveway this month.   As many individuals do, the couple life on a hill in a town where parking is […]#@@#@!!

Matters really seem to be going “ uphill” in San Francisco. A couple from the city, who has parked in the same spot “ every day for the last 36 years” was ticketed $1, 542 for parking in their very own driveway this month.  

As much people do, the couple lives on a hill inside a city where parking is definitely at a premium. The few has been parking in the carpad in front of their house – that they say has been there since the house was built in 1910.  

But now the city planning department says it is “ illegal to park in the front yard of the house” and threatened more tickets should the couple – Judy and Ed Craine – continue to park where they have been.  

“ We always use the carport, ” Judy told  ABC 7 San Francisco .   “ Left in that driveway every day every night, ” Ed additional.   “ We obtained this email saying all of us can’t park in the pad anymore. I said what, that’s crazy. ”

Judy continued:   “ It was very unexpected, to say the least. I wrote all of them back saying I thought it was a mistake. ”

But the city planning division confirmed the ticket.   “ And if we were discovered parking there again, it could be a $1, 500 great, ” Judy added.  

Ed asked:   “ Why are a person taking away something that has excellent utility? To all of a sudden to be told you can’t use something that we could use for a long time. It’s, it’s startling. Mysterious. ”

The city planning committee then produced the couple prove that will parking there was a historical use on the lot, therefore the couple started digging. “ We could be grandfathered within. If we show them a traditional photo that showed the car… or a horse-drawn buggy in the carport, ” Judy said.  

And the couple came up with a photo from 1938 which shows a car or buggy tugging into his driveway. But the planning department told all of them the photo was too fuzzy and that it could not be used as evidence.  

Today, their own carpad sits empty and the couple is forced to recreation area on the hill.   “ The onus is upon us to prove we are going to innocent… though I no longer feel guilty, ” Judy concluded.  

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