August 18, 2022

Twitter Suspended Zelenko Foundation Time After Renowned Doctor’s Loss of life

Twitter mentioned Z-Freedom Foundation’s account taken down due to ‘ban evasion. ‘

Twitter unceremoniously hanging the account of renowned physician Dr . Vladimir Zelenko’s nonprofit foundation last Friday, only one day after the doctor’s untimely death.

Dr . Zelenko’s passing has been announced Thursday following a long bout with terminal cancer.

By Friday, Twitter users began noting Zelenko’s foundation account, @zfreefoundation created last month, had been taken down.

One Twitter user, @TexasLindsay, reported Twitter said the particular Z-Freedom Foundation’s account was taken down due to “ prohibit evasion. ”

However , the particular anti-censorship nonprofit Free Talk America clarifies Zelenko’s base never had an account till just recently, and therefore was not trying to evade a previous ban.

The brand new foundation … created a Twitter account on June 15, 2022, gaining very little traction and only a few thousand supporters in the following two weeks. On July 1, 2022, Dr . Zelenko’s death was announced, as was the permanent suspension of the  foundation’s Twitter account , once more with Twitter reportedly declaring it was due to a “ ban evasion” according to screenshots distributed to CensorTrack. It is unclear what Twitter’s exact rules are usually surrounding “ ban forestalling, ” as the foundation experienced never previously had a Tweets account, and Dr . Zelenko is now deceased.

Free Speech America also notes Zelenko personally had previously been targeted for censorship by Tweets.

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Read the Z-Freedom Foundation’s stated objective :

The Zelenko Freedom Foundation is organized specifically to provide funding to social entities and social routines surrounding education, leadership advancement, health literacy, advocacy, community policy, social, health and community development. These activities includes, but are not limited to, events, workshops, grants, research financing and limited scholarships.

Zelenko, a Nobel Prize nominee, is credited with being among the first physicians to promote an alternative early treatment protocol designed for helping treat Covid-19 diagnoses and symptoms. That distinction earned him the ire of numerous left-leaning media outlets , which only promoted Covid vaccines as the sole treatment available.

The timing of Twitter’s suspicious selective enforcement of prohibit evasion guidelines is certainly suspicious, and as noted by others begs the question of whether or not a vengeful Twitter moderator had their finger to the button waiting for Zelenko to so they could pull off one last spiteful maneuver towards him.

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