August 9, 2022

Chaotic Customer Stabbed to Demise by NYC Bodega Employee – Police

A man had been fatally stabbed during a good altercation with a clerk with bodega in New York City last week, authorities say. The surprising incident unfolded at around 11 p. m. on Friday night in New york. A woman and child reportedly went into Blue Moon Practical Store and tried to buy a bag of potato chips yet her benefits […]#@@#@!!

A man has been fatally stabbed during a good altercation with a clerk at bodega in New York City a week ago, authorities say.

The shocking incident unfolded on around 11 p. meters. on Friday night in Manhattan.

A woman and kid reportedly went into Blue Moon Convenient Store and tried to buy a bag of potato chips but her benefits cards was declined.

“ The girl threw everything from the counter, and the machine, too, ” explained store owner Maad Ahmad.

“ She said, ‘ I’m going to get our man, and he’s going to get you. ‘”

The woman left your local store in a huff and summoned boyfriend Austin Simon, who have stormed behind the counter and confronted the clerk, who was identified as 51-year-old Jose Alba.

Simon, 34, has been “ known to haunt the store, ” the New York Daily News reports.

Surveillance video shows Simon throwing Alba against a shelf and then grabbing him by the neck just before Alba begins fighting back.


During the tussle, Alba appears to grab an object from a shelf and stab Claire before they fall out of view.

Moments later, Alba steps back into the chance apparently holding a large blade covered in blood.

Extremely, Alba was arrested and charged with murder and criminal possession of a tool.

“ Alba was being held on Rikers Island on $250, 000 bail Tuesday and is due back in Manhattan court on Thursday, ” the Nyc Post reports.

Ahmad expressed shock on the outcome and defended his employee.

“ He grabbed Jose by the neck and tried to get him to apologize to the girl, ” Ahmad said.

“ He pushed Jose 1st. Jose was just protecting himself. ”

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