August 7, 2022

CureVac Sues COVID-19 Jab-Maker BioNTech Over Alleged mRNA Patent Infringement

German coronavirus injection makers headed for legal tussle

Two German born coronavirus vaccine producers are headed for a legal tussle over patents.

CureVac N. Sixth is v., a global biopharmaceutical company located in Tü bingen, Germany, announced that it  is your house   Mainz-based company BioNTech, as well as two subsidiaries, for alleged infringements involving four patents.

CureVac  said in its declaration that it had “ moved to assert its intellectual residence rights” regarding its “ pioneering work in mRNA technology, which contributed to COVID-19 vaccine development. ”

CureVac is also seeking fair compensation for “ infringement of a portfolio associated with CureVac’s intellectual property rights, utilized in the manufacture and sale of Comirnaty®, BioNTech and Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 shot. ”

The company added it did not intend to seek an injunction or even take legal action that “ impedes the production, purchase or distribution of Comirnaty® by BioNTech and its partner Pfizer. ”

The case has been filed in the regional court in the traditional western city of Dü sseldorf.

In a press release, CureVac said it considered the particular rapid development of the vaccines a “ tremendous achievement” with “ unprecedented optimistic impact for global public health. ”

“ This achievement is founded on decades of scientific research and innovation, supported by CureVac as the earliest master in mRNA technology, ” it added.

CureVac had struggled to build up its own mRNA vaccine, but abandoned its first try early in the COVID-19 pandemic after it appeared much less effective in late stage tests.

With an performance rate of only 47%, it fell far in short supply of the 94. 6%  achieved by  jabs produced jointly by BioNTech and ALL OF US pharma giant Pfizer. Their vaccine, called Comirnaty, uses messenger RNA to teach tissue how to produce a protein that triggers an immune response to the virus in the body.

There’s not yet been any kind of official response from BioNTech, however its shares fell 0. 9 percent within pre-market trading in Nyc.

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