August 9, 2022

Left Eats Their Own: Watch What goes on When Two Progressive Liberals Road Rage at Each Other

Video documents unstoppable force from woke-ism meeting immovable thing of oppression.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider was brought back on the web Tuesday, and scientists will use particle accelerators to smash together subatomic protons in hopes of learning more about the particular mysteries of the universe.

However , even the powerful atom-smashing technology is no match for the violent reaction that resulted when 2 progressive liberal Oregonians tried to out-woke each other during a road rage incident.

The confrontation was taken on a Portland street plus uploaded to TikTok by a woman who claimed the lady was “ just tryna get to work. ”

In the video, two road-raging woke millennials bicker over who’s a lot more oppressed after one person appears to have come too close to the other’s car.

What ensues is priceless generous insanity at the expense from the two and motorists on the road, and represents a microcosm of everything that’s wrong with all the far left’s woke plan.

One states the other is exercising the girl colonialist white privilege but not recognizing the oppression associated with his people, while the some other person in the argument states the other is taking their oppression out against her.

Some Tweets users noted the woman’s vehicle was littered with liberal fender stickers and feel-good slogans like, “ Visualize Planet Peace. ”

Now the world can notice what happens when two liberals collide.

View the video in full via TikTok:

@midnightmimosa i’m just tryna get to work #portland #portlandoregon #fyp ♬ original sound – midnightmimosa

Get Woke, Search Broke (literally)

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