August 19, 2022

Movie: White House Pres Sec. Refuses To Answer Questions Regarding Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Also refuses to acknowledge newly uncovered voicemail allegedly left by Joe Biden discussing business dealings in China and taiwan

White House  press secretary  Karine Jean-Pierre  was frequently asked and refused to answer questions Tuesday about Hunter Biden’s so called ‘ laptop from hell’ as well as a voicemail on his phone still left by Joe Biden seemingly discussing business dealings.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy grilled Jean-Pierre regarding the ongoing saga, which has flare leg up again since the discovery of a 2018 recording around the laptop which purports in order to feature Joe Biden discussing his son’s business dealings in China.

“ Why is there a voicemail of the president speaking with his son about their overseas business dealings if the president has said he’s never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings? ” Doocy questioned.

“ Very first, I’ll say that what the president said stands, so if gowns what the president said that is what stands, ” Jean-Pierre replied.

Doocy continuing, “ He left a voicemail about a New York Situations article concerning Hunter Biden’s business dealings and states, ‘ I think you’re obvious. ‘ How is that your pet not talking to his child about his overseas business dealings? ”

“ I am not going to talk about alleged materials on the laptop computer, ” the Press Admin repeatedly responded, adding “ It is not happening. ”


RealClearPolitics White House reporter Phillip Wegmann followed up on the matter, noting “ You seemed to dismiss Peter’s question about his conversation with his son, Hunter Biden, with regards to his business dealings. ”

The reporter continued, “ I’m wondering how is that will silence consistent with the president’s promise to always level with the American public, because in public he says he hasn’t discussed these business negotiations and then at least according to the voicemail message that has been obtained by the Day-to-day Mail and Washington Reviewer, evaluator, it certainly seems like he or she was seeking to do exactly that, have a conversation about these business dealings. Is certainly he leveling with the United states public on this? ”

Jean-Pierre agains declined to talk about the issue:

Reports by the Senate Financial Committee and Senate Homeland Security Committee have revealed that CEFC China Energy  wired   around $4. 8 million to Hunter Biden’s law firm through September 2018.

The voicemail involved appears to be Joe Biden informing his son “ Hello pal, it’s Dad. It’s 8: 15 on Wed night. If you get a opportunity, just give me a call. Absolutely nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk with you. ”

It continues, “ I thought the article released online — it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the  Times   — was good. I think you’re clear. And anyhow, if you get a chance, give me a call. I love a person. ”

Biden wasn’t serving in public workplace at the time the audio had been purportedly recorded.

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