August 16, 2022

WH Press Secretary Refuses To Clarify Why Joe Biden Remaining Voicemail For Hunter Regarding Chinese Business Dealings

Puppet leader previously insisted he by no means discussed Chinese business negotiations with crackhead son.

Joe Biden’s press admin Karine Jean-Pierre was left struggling to answer why Joe Biden had still left a voicemail to their crackhead son Hunter Biden about his Chinese business dealings when the puppet chief executive explicitly denied doing so.

When requested by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy during a White House press briefing upon Tuesday why Biden experienced left the suspicious voicemail to Hunter, Jean-Pierre struggled to provide an explanation before looking to pivot.

“ Why is there a voicemail of the president talking to his son about his overseas business dealings, if the leader has said he’s never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings? ” Doocy asked.

Jean-Pierre replied: “ First, I’ll say the actual president said stands. So , if that’s what the president said, that’s what stands. ”

After once again referencing the voicemail message Biden left Hunter regarding his China business deals that was retrieved from Hunter’s laptop , he asked, “ How s that not him talking to their son about his overseas business dealings? ”

Jean-Pierre then shut down, asserting: “ From this podium, I’m not going to talk about supposed materials from the laptop. ”

Doocy pressed further: “ Are you discussing that’s the president’s voice at the voicemail? ”

Jean-Pierre repeated her talking point: “ I am not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. It is not happening. I am going to refer you to, uh, in order to his son’s representative. ”

The voicemail message, recovered from Hunter’s laptop last month, reveals Later on Biden knew of Hunter Biden’s dealings in China, specifically with a Chinese essential oil tycoon accused of economic crimes which Hunter the “ fucking spy chief of China. ”

“ Hey pal, it’s Dad, ” Joe Biden said. “ It’s actual 8: 15 on Wednesday night. If you get a opportunity, just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you. ”

“ I thought the article released on the web, it’s going to be printed tomorrow within the Times, was good, ” Biden continued. “ I believe you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance, give me a call, I love you. ”

Biden had repeatedly denied talking about foreign business dealings with his son Hunter during his presidential campaign and as puppet president.

“ I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings, ” Biden insisted in 2019.

Biden reiterated the same point during the 2020 presidential debates.

Of course , troves of evidence and details obtained through Hunter’s laptop and from former affiliates like Tony Bobulinski completely contradict Biden’s claims.

Notably, Biden had actually claimed Hunter’s laptop through hell was “ Russian disinformation ” in 2020.

The liberal New York Times and Washington Post lastly confirmed the laptop’s genuineness a year after the New York blog post initially launched the bombshell story about the puppet president’s crackhead son.

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