August 19, 2022

“Let West Try To Defeat Us On Battlefield… We Haven’t Started Anything Seriously Yet”: Putin In Fiercest Caution Since Invasion

‘At the same time, we don’t reject peace talks, ‘ he said.

Throughout a Thursday speech addressing Russian parliament officials, President Vladimir Putin warned that the military has  barely started the operations in Ukraine  – suggesting he sees a long haul fight possibly for the entire of Ukraine ahead – in a direct challenge to the West as it continues to send arms to Kiev.

It’s becoming widely viewed as one of the fiercest speeches and challenges released to Western backers associated with Ukraine since he certified the Feb. 24 intrusion. He  said that   “ the West wants to fight us till the last Ukrainian” – which he called a disaster for the Ukrainian people, just before adding, “ It seems like it’s heading in that path, ” and then put the world on notice that Russia   “ by and large has not started anything seriously however. ”

“ Today we hear that they want to beat us on the battlefield. Well, what can you say right here? Let them try, ”   Putin said, in a direct challenge to the US and NATO, though with out naming them specifically.

“ At the same time, we don’t reject peace talks.   But those who reject them should know that the further it goes, the harder it can be for them to negotiate with us , ” he added, based on a translation carried in  Reuters .

Other translations from the speech quoted Putin because saying Russia’s military has not started anything “ in earnest yet”. He charged that it was the West that will started hostilities through the war in Donbas – continuing since 2014. Putin additional reiterated a prior theme he’s spoken about of witnessing the birth of a multi-polar world due to Russia’s resistance from NATO hegemony, according his words cited in  The Moscow Moments :

He accused “ the collective West” associated with unleashing a “ war” in Ukraine and said Russia’s intervention in the pro-Western country  marked the start of a shift to a “ multi-polar world. ”

“ This process cannot be stopped, ”   he additional.

He also warned Kyiv and its Western allies that Moscow has not even started its army campaign in Ukraine “ in earnest. ”

“ Everybody should know that we have not started in earnest yet, ”   he said.  

He also seemed to aim remarks at the domestic populations of the West, and hinted on the resistance of BRICS countries to “ totalitarian liberalism”:

Putin said most countries failed to want to follow the Western model of “ totalitarian liberalism” plus “ hypocritical double criteria. ”

“ People in most countries tend not to want such a life and so on a future, ” he said.

“ They are simply tired of kneeling, humiliating themselves in front of people who consider themselves exceptional. ”

Given that this week the Pentagon has said it will introduce more advanced and longer range weapons systems into Ukraine’s arsenal, the Russia-NATO  game of chicken looks to continue dangerously into the everlasting future . Statements from US, UK, and EUROPEAN officials have meanwhile continuing calling for domestic populations to “ sacrifice”.  

Biden mentioned last week that this will go on “ for as long as it takes” …

As for the  next big surroundings defense systems   headed to Ukraine after the earlier deployment of the HIMARS techniques,   Al Jazeera   describes in a fresh update, based on  Pentagon statements :

The US Pentagon says it is going to supply Ukraine with  two NASAMS  surface-to-air missile systems and four Raytheon AN/TPQ-37anti-artillery radar systems , introducing two new innovative weapons systems into Ukraine’s arsenal.

Putin’s rhetoric as well as that of his top nationwide security officials has grown bigger especially coming off Russian forces capturing all of Luhansk province, following Ukraine’s retreat from Lysychansk city. Russian troops and their Ukrainian separatist allies are now expected to push to liberate all the Donbas, with a siege against the strategically located Kramatorsk city having begun this week.

Naturally , none of this bodes well at all for the already hopeless near and long-term view regarding energy, food supply, plus continued global economic uncertainty persisting in the wake of the war. Recall too that given the initial Russian invasion force numbered about 190, 000 troops, and that according to most estimates Russia has some 900, 000 active army members across land, sea, and air – with around two million reservists to boot – Moscow does have at least the manpower capable to sustain the war within Ukraine. There’s also speculation that will Belarus could join anytime.

Add to this how the Kremlin took a major phase toward placing its economic climate on a war footing immediately, as Reuters  documented earlier , “ The Russian government will be able to  compel businesses to provide the military with products and make their employees work overtime under two laws to support Moscow’s battle in Ukraine   that were approved in an initial vote in parliament on Tuesday. ”

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