August 9, 2022

Movie: Dutch Police Shoot From 16-Year-Old Driving Tractor, Police arrest 19 People At Character Protests

The situation is certainly escalating as more citizens test their limits against the Dutch government’s globalist regulations

Farmers within the Netherlands are revolting against their government’s climate regulations, which will cripple the Nederlander agriculture industry.

As Politico reports , “ Dutch farmers have this week been protesting government plans which could require farmers to use much less fertilizer and reduce their animals numbers, which could force several farms to shut. ”

During the presentations on Wednesday, a 16-year-old boy driving a large tractor attempted to go around a police blockade and was photo at by two officers.

Police say the teenager was not struck by the bullets and was apprehended after coming to a stop.

The teen plus two other men had been arrested on charges associated with suspected attempted murder for allegedly trying “ to push at officers and law enforcement vehicles. ”

The arrests sparked brand new protests where the farmers fixed bales of hay on fire alongside a highway.

Eventually, the three individuals charged with allegedly trying to hit the police officials with their tractors were released.

The statement from the prosecution scans , “ There are simply no grounds for the continued detention of the suspects on mistrust of attempted murder … The three men remain potential foods. The public prosecutor has not however decided if they will be charged. ”

19 demonstrators were arrested in past times three days, nine which were underage.

Christian musician and politics activist Jimmy Levy published a video of the shooting in the Instagram page, writing, “ In Netherlands the farmers are protesting against the Nitrogen hoax that the government is using to put all of the farmers out of business, while using their land to built homes for immigrants and create crops with GMOS and WEF insects. ”

“ Yesterday at a farmer demonstration, a 16 year old son was shot at by police while driving away in his truck, ” Levy continued. “ The police are trying to say he was gonna run them over, but in the footage it is crystal clear what happened. Please spread this news of what is happening in Holland and what is about to happen all over the world. The staged food shortage! It’s all part of the elite plan to take over Gods firmament and enslave his kids! ”

Dutch News explains , “ Nature minister Christianne van der Wal offers given provinces a year to generate detailed plans aiming at halving emissions of ammonia and nitrogen oxide by 2030. She has said some farmers will certainly have to give up their business, either voluntarily or by means of compulsory purchase , in order to comply with a ruling with the Council of State that holland was breaching European nature conservation laws. ”

Popular YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666 elegantly broke down the Nederlander farmer uprising in a video clip posted Wednesday.

See more footage from the protests beneath:

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