Great Court Of Wisconsin Bans Election Drop Boxes

Democrats are freaking out as their election theft tools are being stripped away

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on Friday in favor of banning unmanned ballot drop boxes as were used in the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

The decision will go directly into effect during the upcoming August primary elections as well as the general election.

Now, with regard to absentee voters, ballots will have to be returned by mail or even personally brought to an accepted site.

“ An absentee ballot must be returned by mail or the voter must personally deliver it to the municipal clerk at the clerk’s office or even a designated alternative site, ” the majority decision  states .  

Since absentee ballots can still be returned simply by mail, anyone could theoretically collect as many ballots from voters as they want plus deliver them via mail in what is known as ballot collection.

Despite this possible flaw, the majority of the right can be taking a victory lap as well as the left is up in arms.

Conservative activist Scott Presler noted their state had over 500 unmanned drop boxes during the 2020 election, adding, “ This won’t happen again. ”

Republican Oughout. S. Sen. Ron Johnson (Wis. )  said , “ This decision is a big step in the right direction. ”

The majority ruling on the case said the drop containers used in the 2020 selection were not legal.

As filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza wrote on Twitter, “ Evidently they no more agree that 2020 has been ‘ the most secure election in history. ‘ Dominoes start to fall! ”

The particular state’s dissenting justices the decision “ downright dangerous to democracy. ”

The rigged 2020 presidential election is being exposed more and more as we approach crucial midterms and eventually another presidential race.

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