August 7, 2022

Video clip: Greenwald Slams Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup As “Biggest Media Fraud” In A 10 years

Demands “an independent prosecutor who is not beholden to the chain of command” to investigate the situation

As yet more evidence of potentially illegal business practices  ( in addition to debauchery ) provides emerged from the Hunter Biden laptop debacle, journalist Glenn Greenwald described the tale as “ the individual biggest media fraud” during the past decade.

Appearing on Jesse Watters Primetime , Greenwald discussed the topic, observing that any information that comes to light through the Hunter Biden story is tightly controlled.

“ The particular media deploys information in order to conceal it or divulge it for the interest of the sources inside the democratic party and the U. S. Safety state and I just want to focus on because I can’t talk about the particular Hunter Biden situation with out doing so, ” Greenwald true.

He continued,   “ this was the topic of the single biggest mass media fraud in the last, I think a minimum of decade, which is right before the particular election. The CIA distribute to the media which repeated it and then big technology censored on the basis of it the particular lie that all these files were Russian disinformation. ”  

“ Biden wins the political election because they suppressed that story, ” Greenwald continued, additional declaring “ Then all of a sudden, they want to start doing confirming on Biden as he is getting weak and all of these types of documents start emerging in  The Washington Posting   and  The New York Times   come out and say oh right now we’re able to confirm their own authenticity . ”

“ So what the truth is is cynical as your recommendation might be, that the media was already playing these kinds of very intense games with exactly this case for those kinds of causes, ” the journalist more urged.

Greenwald continued, “ had this particular only been about problem by Hunter Biden, it would be an embarrassing scandal, ” yet “ we’re clearly speaking about protecting Joe Biden as well and at this point at the very least we ought to have an independent prosecutor whoms not beholden to the string of command that ends with Joe Biden to make decisions not just about Seeker Biden but also about the Chief executive himself. ”


Earlier this week, Rep. James Ingerir of Kentucky, the top Conservative on the House Oversight plus Reform Committee, charged that will Biden’s Treasury Department is actively blocking efforts to probe into the shady company dealings.

Ingerir stated that officials have got refused to hand over suspicious activity reports without the indication off of the committee’s Democratic leaders.

“ Regardless of Treasury’s assertion in the press that it ‘ provides SARs to Congress in a manner that enables robust oversight, ‘ Treasury is refusing to release SARs connected with  Hunter Biden  or  his  family and co-workers — including the President, ” Comer wrote in a letter Wednesday to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

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