Whitened House Unveils $400M More In Military Aid To Ukraine, Marking 15th Package

The total within US military and humanitarian aid so more much more than $7 billion provided since February

The Washington Submit, CNBC and others are confirming Friday that the Biden White-colored House is readying another $400 million weapons deal for Ukraine, which will tag the  15th round of security assistance since the Ruskies invasion.

A senior defense formal has been cited as stating the specific weapons will be customized to repel a wider Russian assault in the Donbas, though the recent weeks of fighting have made clear that battlefield momentum is currently using the Russians.

“ Heavy artillery platforms, like howitzers and High Flexibility Artillery Rocket Systems, or even HIMARS, sit high on Ukrainian military wish lists, ”   CNBC   writes, citing the origin. “ The official said the newest security package will include four additional HIMARS, which brings the  total number associated with HIMARS transfers to Ukraine from U. S. arsenals to 12 . ”

The total in US military and humanitarian aid so more is more than  $7 billion   given since February.

The particular longer-range HIMARS are being sought by the Zelensky government because potentially game-changing given these people allow the Ukrainians for the first time to strike Russian military inventories and command centers that extend deeper behind foe lines.  

Axios  information on some of the major US-supplied presently operational in eastern Ukraine after the several rounds of weapons systems were moved, and as Ukrainian troops get  trained on them :

  • A senior defense recognized said the other eight systems are all operational, and that the pace of deliveries was dictated by the rate at which Ukrainian units are being taught to use the systems, which were not really previously part of the Ukrainian arsenal.
  • The U. S. can also be sending three tactical vehicles, spare parts and other equipment. The state would not say what type of artillery ammunition was being provided, only that it would allow for more specific targeting than had previously been possible.

At the same time, Americans are now flatly being told by Biden administration that  we   are in a time of war… ”   In a hard-hitting interview which usually put Biden official Heather Boushey on the defensive, the girl actually suggested the US reaches war with Russia in Ukraine. Interestingly enough this comes a couple months after Biden admin and defense officials insisted  it’s not a proxy war . Nicely, which is it?

We   are at battle? … Really?

Meanwhile, as increasing numbers of billions are now routinely shoveled off to a foreign country which many Americans without doubt still can’t find on the map, an op-ed in  Defense One   raises some of the apparent questions. An excerpt from  the piece below :

“ The most serious and talked-about risk is provoking an immediate response from Moscow. Chief executive Biden  insists   that escalation risks are being carefully measured, yet Vladimir Putin has attemptedto target Western  provide lines   in order to Kyiv, conducted strikes dangerously  close   to the borders of NATO member states, and used to  repeatedly  reminding   the world about Russia’s nuclear toolbox . Reassurances aside,   conflict  escalation  is definitely perilously hard to predict , frequently occurs beyond the control of the powers involved, and often defies the assumptions and cold logic justifying a given course of action.   Amid increasing concerns for Putin’s state of mind,   the danger calculus taking place in Washington could easily be away from . ”

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