August 9, 2022

America Has Been Flirting With Leftist Disaster – It’s Time To Stop Compromising

This is how societies plus cultures are slowly yet inevitably erased and the principles they hold dear are eroded to nothing. It’s mostly done through apathy and a sedate tolerance associated with corruption. Compromise is the hallmark of “democracy, ” in fact it is also the root of tyranny.

The particular political left as a movement has proven to be made up of some of the worst people imaginable – The kind of people that thirst to get destruction and take pleasure in the oppression of others.

They could think they are reveling within a form of anarchy, but they are in fact the opposite: They are chaos creators, but only as a means to achieve total control.

However , while leftists create my skin crawl with their pungent scent of evil, there is one group of people which is even more annoying, and that’s the fence sitters and false moderates.

Even though these people will never admit this, there are times when social conflict comes up and one side is completely correct while the other side is totally wrong. Fake moderates imagine as if there are merits aside that is wrong even when you can find none because they want to appear as though they are “ wise. ” The truth is they don’t possess the guts to take a endure one way or the other, and so they act as if neither aspect is correct, or that will both sides are partially right.

Which means, the side of destruction is usually given license to continue their particular pillaging because, hey, all of us don’t want to seem like we have been discriminating or biased, right?

This is how communities and cultures are gradually but inevitably erased and the principles they hold dear are eroded to nothing. It’s mostly done through apathy and a sedate tolerance of corruption. Compromise is the hallmark of “ democracy, ” and it is also the root associated with tyranny. If people did not compromise on their principles and freedoms, tyranny could not exist. This why the Founding Fathers of the US opposed pure democracy and created our nation as a Constitutional Republic with checks plus balances. Democracy alone often demands acceptance of toxic and oppressive behaviors we may otherwise stop, all in the name of appeasing the “ vast majority. ”

Splendour, at times, can be a good thing. It is a biological imperative that plays a role in tribalism and has allowed humanity to survive as a species meant for millennia. Without the ability to discriminate, all behaviors no matter how radioactive would proliferate, and this is what we are facing today within western societies.

When tribes were faced with narcissist members, psychopathic users, or outright schizophrenic plus delusion members, those people had been often cast out or even ignored and for good reason. When the insane and the sociopathic are usually allowed to integrate into a tradition they are also allowed to inject a certain level of moral insanity in to that culture. Insanity is generally an inborn condition, yet insane habits can also be discovered, and if people think you will find benefits and gains related to acting insane, some of them will do so and the problem will grow.

The political left argues that every discriminating tendencies are a form of bigotry. Yet, they are probably the most bigoted people on the planet with regards to opposing ideals and beliefs. We can see this attitude inside their own policies and the people they seek to censor. They readily embrace complete bore erasure of all ideas that contradict their beliefs and they do this because they know, given enough time, that this kind of censorship works.

They are trying to reverse the old tribal model – Nowadays, anyone who is SANE must be converted or cast from society.

The particular examples are numerous. Anyone who highlights the lack of science behind transsexual ideology and gender fluid theory is immediately a “ bigot” and must be cast out. Anyone who queries extreme environmentalism and carbon controls is a “ climate denier” and must be throw out. Anyone who questions federal government paid “ medical experts” and their draconian mandates is “ anti-science” plus must be cast out. Anyone that claims that Critical Competition Theory is highly inaccurate plus misleading is a “ racist” and needs to be cast away. Anyone that thinks teachers must not be allowed to sexualize children within schools and exploit those kids for their own emotional gratification is a “ homophobe” that must be cast out. It goes on and on.

I have even seen leftists in the media defend heinous acts  such as pedophilia   because to be deeply opposed to any character trait of any individual is to commit the greatest bad thing in the leftist religion – Who are you to question the internal “ truth” of an individual and set boundaries for their habits? You have become intolerant, and therefore you are a heretic.

Make no mistake, this philosophy of “ equity” might seem like accidental madness but it serves an extremely specific agenda. If almost all behaviors must be tolerated, after that any evil can become appropriate. The only evil action you may then commit is intolerance associated with evil. See how that works?

Psychopaths and those that will lack empathy can now principle over our culture because they can not be confronted without great interpersonal risk. In a world where everyone is a good person in mind the idea of “ equity” may work (probably not), however in a world where inherent evil exists and such people have simply no qualms about hurting who they want to get what they want, a culture built on collateral is doomed to personal destruct. All they have to perform is claim that they are part of an oppressed class, a victim group, and therefore you are not allowed to question their activities.

If guys want to claim they are ladies and overrun women’s sports, can certainly locker rooms, women’s bathrooms, women’s prisons and women’s health, we have to let them, if we don’t then we have been denying their “ existence” as they see it in their own heads. If a pedophile would like to commit pedophilia we have to allow them to, because if we don’t we have been guilty of discriminating against the psychological minority. If a mother wants to murder her unborn baby out of convenience, we have to allow her, because who are we all to tell her she has to manage the consequences of her sex actions? Leftists believe in no moral boundaries, only political boundaries. The only behaviors that may be restricted are the behaviors that conflict with their ideology.

The past few months have been rather surprising in terms of the Best Court’s decisions and I can only hope that this represents stage away from our nation’s extreme flirtations with the leftist collapse. The end result of the “ perform what thou wilt” viewpoint is clear as day – It can only lead to comprehensive societal collapse and indoctrination of future generations. And perhaps, just maybe, some people of the Supreme Court have realized this.

Decisions in favor of the right in order to self defense under the constitution have got finally shut down the politics left’s obsession with fulsome their opponents. They view the 2 nd   Amendment as the final stronghold of a conservative tradition that stands in the way of their own plans to absorb America, making it something unrecognizable in the process. Just like all authoritarian regimes, leftists seek to take the right associated with defense away from anyone that does not believe as they believe. Their particular dreams are crushed, for the time being.

The decision to finish Roe v. Wade plus federal protections for child killingilligal baby killing is perhaps the most surprising of most. Leftists view cultural tolerance of child murder as their greatest victory. It’s not regarding women’s bodies or ladies rights; if abortion involved “ human rights” then they would have to honestly take into account the rights of the child in the tummy. But , they won’t do that, mainly because rights are irrelevant to them. What abortion is really regarding is changing the limits of what Americans are prepared to morally endure. What lengthy held virtues are we willing to sacrifice, and how many children are we willing to sacrifice in the name of “ tolerance plus equity? ”

It’s a game, you see. A game played by psychopaths. And the goal of the game would be to see if they can make all the people around them react just like them. Can you be turned to the dark side? This is the purpose of this game, plus they revel in the idea that deep lower everyone else is just as evil because they are.

The particular refusal to compromise upon such issues might seem just like a push to the “ considerably right” of the political range, and this is the great sit that everyone has been led to believe. Leftists have relocated the goal posts so far in their direction that any moderate shift away from their end game is handled as an “ alt-right attack” that will lead to fascism (even though fascists are all socialists just like leftists). What’s actually happening, in my view, is really a slow return to center.

Millions of Americans do not trust the left and they certainly don’t want to reside in a world where there are simply no boundaries and all discrimination is known as a hate crime. With their genetic core, most people understand that certain behaviors are usually wrong on every level and cannot be allowed. And if acceptance is actually a mantra intended for leftists, then they should also have to accept the existence of principles that not align with their own.

The repercussion against these people is very genuine. They see it as a conventional insurrection, but really, it could only the beginning of a pendulum swing back to center simply by people who have a conscience. This swing has to be uncompromising, because if there is any semblance of weakness the leftists uses it to pull us all back in the insane asylum. There may be no moderation at this time, no fence sitting, no slack. The time for pretending you will find merits to the leftist cult is over. The time to draw the line in the sand has started.

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